Monday, May 16, 2016

5 Star Book Review: Siege and Storm

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Edition: Paperback
Related Reviews: Shadow and Bone
Rating: 5 Stars

There will be SPOILERS for the first book in the series in this post.


Siege and Storm takes place a short time after Shadow and Bone ended, with Alina and Mal seeking solace and protection across the sea.  When the Darkling comes and disrupts that peace in order to gain more power for Alina in the form of a sea dragon she and Mal barely escape with the help of a very interesting privateer who is more than he seems.


Can that be the entire review?  Okay, maybe not, but just FYI, Nikolai is my newest favorite fictional character and is a precious baby I will protect.

I actually really like all the characters in this book.  For you Mal haters out there, I don't hate him, but he's very "meh" to me (I know how the series ends relationship-wise but will refrain my thoughts until the final book).  Other than that I adore everyone.  Alina is one of those rare narrators who is absolutely absorbing in every sense of the word and the world around me falls away when I'm looking through her eyes.  I credit this magic to Leigh Bardugo's own magic, which still seeps off the page as I was reading.

Like with Shadow and Bone, the world of Ravka is fantastic.  I wish I lived there, honestly!  And the myth building in this one was fantastic.  I loved how she explored the legends of the world and how realistic they all felt.  Sometimes I forget, too, how bloody her writing can be and how dangerous this world is, but the climax of this book was mind blowing and amazing!

After finishing this one I immediately wanted to start Ruin and Rising, but alas, I must wait a bit so as not to cause a massive book hangover.  Soon, though, because these books are addictive and probably some of my all time favorites.


  1. Lovely review! I absolutely loved the Grisha series and Nikolai was one of my favorite characters, too. I can understand your reasoning for finding Mal a little meh. It took me a while to accept that ship, too, but I think that was because I was still hung up on the Darkling. (I still AM, tbh. XD) Cant wait to see what you think of the conclusion to the series!

    Brittany @

    1. I'm dying to read it; a shame I have a ton of books waiting to be read. Hopefully sooner than later!


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