Tuesday, November 29, 2016

TV Review: Stranger Things, Season One

Like many others this year I was sucked into this show. How do I even begin to talk about one of my favorite things of 2016? I can start with the plot- which is straight forward but not boring- or I could start with the characters- all of which I adored- or maybe I could start with the visuals themselves- which were not only spot-on 80's but really well done in general.

I think I'll start with how I pushed this off forever. Back when it originally was released I told my mom about it because it sounded right up her alley. I wasn't wrong- she praises the show all the time because it brings her back to the 80s and because she's a sucker for classic science fiction. I kept intending to watch it after she assured me it wasn't scary (she's right, it really isn't scary it's just got a touch of horror influencing the plot) but pushed it off, and then school came and I didn't have any time whatsoever. But then. Finals. I needed a way to blow off steam between studying that wouldn't give me the headache that reading sometimes does. Netflix was my answer and Stranger Things just stared at me until I was forced to watch. After the first episode I knew it was too late to turn back and that I was thoroughly sucked into the show. I forced myself to only watch an episode a day so that it wouldn't run through too quickly, and even though it's a very binge-worthy show I think it's better viewed slowly.

The story itself is pretty straightforward, at least for someone who's well versed in the conventions of science fiction and fantasy. But that didn't take away from the enjoyment- sometimes classic conventions are the best. Particularly when they're done well with an interesting cast. The kids made the show for me. From the very first scene where they're playing D&D and getting so into it I was in love. And then Eleven, who's just one awesome BAMF. I don't think there are enough words to cover her. Besides the kids, my favorites were Hopper, who I adored for being a complete subversion of the stereotype, and Nancy. Her arc was my favorite to watch and I really liked how her relationships with Steve and Jonathon turned out.

And the cinematography! The editing! There's so much love to give there. It was so well done I didn't dare look away in case I missed something. There were so many ways this could have fallen into a pit but it didn't- it always remained interesting and fun to watch.

If you haven't seen this yet, my only question is why not? It took me long enough and I didn't regret it at all.


  1. I've heard so many great things about this from everyone! The only reason I haven't seen it is because I don't have Netflix... There are so many shows on it that I want to try too...

    1. Oh that would do it... normally they release them on DVD eventually so maybe when that happens you can rent it from the library!


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