Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December Wrap Up

Hello! I know this post is arriving at a rather unconventional time. For one, it's a Wednesday, and for another it's not even the end of the month, not really. ALSO, you may be scratching your head wondering when the last time I did a wrap up was (spoiler alert: October 7th) and recalling that way back then I was doing bi-weekly wrap ups. Well, here begins the monthly wrap ups. I think it's very likely I'll be doing these from this point forward since it's just more economical the way things have been going. As for why this is coming out on such an odd day... well, it really has to do with the other posts I want to get out this year, which include a giveaway/blogoversary post (my blog just turned three!!!) and a year end wrap up where I can reflect on everything. With all of that I still really wanted to get this post out so I could touch base with everyone and talk about me and the blog recently.

First of all, Merry Christmas! Or Happy Hanukkah! Or Joyous Kwanza! Or just Happy Holidays! Really, seriously, I hope everyone has had a good celebration, got to enjoy some family time, maybe opened a present or two they really loved, and, most of all, read some good books. The new year is right around the corner, and while I'll talk about some new year goals in my yearly wrap up, I want to set the most important one straight now: I am rededicating myself to my blog. Lately I've let stress and anxiety and just about every other color of my mental health rainbow get in the way of doing something I love: reading and blogging and sharing bookish things with all of you. I've decided that this year, if I can't keep up (reasonably) with the blog then that's it. I'm turning in my hat as a book blogger and taking a VERY EXTENDED break until I can really get back on my feet. Don't look at it as a punishment, look at it as a way I have to force myself to go to my roots and deal with something that's clearly upsetting my life more than it should. But I don't think that's going to happen. Not to spoil anything but I have written some very badass posts lately and I'm so happy to be able to share them with everyone. They look sleek, they look sexy, they have original pictures of books in them (!!!) and you can see the first of this new brand of review here.

Speaking of new brand have you noticed the blog design? I love it so much. I bought this one from the same company I bought the last one (which was, what, two years ago? one and a half?), Designer Blogs. I really do love the work they do and for Blogger their templates are on the less expensive end. Honestly, they're a steal for this quality. The old design was just getting tired for me and I wasn't feeling as peppy and fresh every time I logged on to work on the blog. Now, with this new design, I'm particularly excited and I love how everything looks as if it's reinvented itself, which is kind of has. There are a lot of new changes coming to the blog and I plan to detail them in the yearly wrap up. 

The blog is not the only thing with changes because my life is about to be changing very soon. In less than a week I'll be going to London to study for a semester. I still can't believe it's real! And coming up on me like a bullet train. I'm super nervous and super excited and I probably won't be on social media or the blog for about a week as I adjust and set up everything over there. I do plan to have automatic posts going up, though, so don't expect complete radio silence. If you want to keep up with my overseas adventures I recommend checking out my side blog over on Wordpress, Postcards and Polaroids.

Have I talked your ear off yet? Okay one last thing before I link up all the posts since I last wrapped up. I'll be participating in DaniReviewsThings #ASeriesAMonth2018 challenge! Link HERE. This sounds very awesome and is something I did not know I was waiting for. The rundown: you read a series a month (or roughly 12 series in a year) and have the opportunity to win things. I have so many unfinished (and unstarted...) series' on my shelves and like many other bookworms I'm bemoaning the fact that I never really finish anything so this is an awesome chance. Once more the LINK because I think everyone should really give this a go. I actually have a rough idea about which books I want to read to participate and while these may be subject to change I think at least the first few months are pretty set in stone.

January -- The Winner's Curse Trilogy (3 Books)
February -- The Kiss of Deception Series (3 Books + 1 Spinoff)
March -- The Orphan Queen Duet (2 Books + a bunch of Novellas)
April -- Alanna Series (4 Books; I will be rereading but not reviewing the first book)
May -- Air Awakens Series (5 Books; I will be rereading but not reviewing the first book)
June -- The Old Kingdom Series (5 Books + some Novellas; repeat of the prior two's mantra of "I will be rereading but not reviewing the first book")
July -- An Ember in the Ashes (3 Books by the time I get to them)
August -- The Frostblood Series (either 2 or 3 Books, not really sure)
September -- The Girl from Everywhere Duet (2 Books)
October -- Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (3 Books)
November -- The Wrath and the Dawn Duet (2 Books + some Novellas)
December -- Cruel Beauty (2 Books; okay I think they're technically not related or even companion novels but I've had them together for so long in my head I'm just going to consider them a series)

Are you still reading this post? Good for you! I'm glad you've stuck around to the actual wrapping up part.

The Language of Thorns
The King of Bones and Ashes
Practical Magic
The Star-Touched Queen
Between the Blade and the Heart

Currently Reading
I'm in the midst of reading (and loving) Good Omens. It's taken me awhile to actually make much headway with Christmas and such but it's not much of a sacrifice this time of the year. Once I finish this I'll be heading on over to The Girl in the Tower and then Leviathan Wakes.


Can't Wait Wednesday

Original Posts

Upcoming Posts
Before the year ends you'll see reviews for Practical Magic and Between the Blade and the Heart (I'm on the blog tour for this one!!). Soon after you'll also get a review for The Star-Touched Queen, and closer to it's release date, The King of Bones and Ashes. There will also be a year wrap up, a blogoversary post (with a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled) and in the new year several non-bookish reviews. I'm looking forward to all of these!

Okay, but seriously, Everyone, thank you so much for sticking with me. This has been quite a year and I'm looking forward to the new one to come. May your days be filled with beautiful words and beautiful books and beautiful snow (did I mention this is the first White Christmas I've had in years?? I'm so happy about it). Stay tuned for more great things!


  1. I hope you had a great Christmas. The blog new design looks so clean. :D And Happy 3 year anniversary!

  2. I love the idea of a series a month, though I have tried not to start too many new series. They always seem to be unfinished. I have been trying to finish some series though, and I recently finished 4. It felt pretty good. Good luck with you challenge!

    1. OO nice I don't remember when the last time I finished a series was... oops :) But I'm hoping this challenge will really help me actually do so.

  3. Love the new look of your blog! :)

    Good luck with the challenge, Sam.

    1. Thank you! It feels very fresh and it's nice to log on to it and be pleasantly surprised each time I do.


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