Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Updates (#ReadRising and some general stuff)

For those of you who partook in my #ReadRising marathon, thanks so much!  I have so many bottled up emotions after those two books and it has left me a pile of mush.  But forward, I suppose, I must go, or I won't make it to Morning Star.

Sorry for my lack of posting lately, but I've had a lot of stress.  Which is, hopefully, now all over.  Interesting tidbit, though, apparently I really, really need glasses.  I've always been nearsighted, but it has gotten worse and I need to wear specs constantly now.  That'll be an interesting change.

So here's my posting schedule for the next week or so.  I should be able to keep up on it.  I've also got a giveaway I'm trying to organize coming up.  Stay tuned for that, because I'll be giving away one of my absolute favorite books!  (But not for some time yet, and if it doesn't come in the next couple of weeks, that means I'm just collecting more books to give away, so stay patient...).

Wednesday| WoW- Morning Star
Thursday| Red Rising Review
Friday| First Impression Friday- Seraphina
Saturday| Golden Son Review
Sunday| Smoke and Mirrors Review
Monday| Girl of Fire and Thorns Review
Tuesday| Trees Review
Wednesday| WoW
Thursday| Of Shadow and Stone or Hero of Ages Review

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