Sunday, August 21, 2016

Books I Have Multiple Copies Of

I have the (expensive) habit of buying more than one copy of the same book, particularly when there are different editions. Sometimes I go into a book knowing I'll be buying multiple copies of the book, but most of the time it just sort of happens after I absolutely fall in love with the book. For this post I'm not counting books I had ARCs of and then bought a final copy, just books that I actually bought  (or won) the multiple copies of. 

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
I originally got an ebook of this, which I read, and then, later, I won the whole series in paperbacks in a giveaway. I'm SOO glad I have a copy to decorate my shelf with, because they're gorgeous! 

The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare
Okay, get ready for this super long list:
-I have the new paperbacks (with the spines that line up into a picture) for both the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices
-I have hardcover copies of the first four Mortal Instruments books in the new covers (I don't know why those exist but of course I had to buy them when I saw them)
-I have paperbacks with the original covers for the first two books in the Mortal Instruments series
-I have hardcovers of the whole Shadowhunters Chronicles series' that have been published to date

Theft of Swords by Michael J Sullivan
I originally read this book as an ebook which is how I fell in love with the series. I immediately went out and bought the book in paperback (and the rest of the series) and also ended up getting the audiobook later on.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas
Well, originally I preordered this book because OBVIOUSLY I wanted to read it ASAP and I loved it to death. Then I found out there was a Target edition so I bought that, too, because I really NEEDED the Cassian/Nesta story in that edition. And, as a neat surprise, I discovered Sarah J Maas was going to be signing near my house on my Dad's birthday and so I went home both to celebrate him and get another copy of the book and meet her when she signed it. So, three. I have three copies. But it's totally worth it.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
I bought this not long after it came out and absolutely loved it. I thought it was a marvelous book! And it was one of the first New Adult I ever read. It actually wouldn't be out of line to say I was obsessed with this book for a bit. When I was in Europe a few summers ago I saw a copy of the book there and had to bring it back as a souvenir.

Game of Thrones/Clash of Kings by George RR Martin
I have mass market paperbacks of these two books but I ended up buying the really nice faux-leather editions, which I've been devouring.

Harry Potter by JK Rowling
This shouldn't be a surprise at all. We have a family set of all the hardcovers which my parents originally read, and then I read, though we haven't convinced my brother to read them (yet). As for my own personal collection I have the new American paperbacks of the whole series, which I've been rereading, my own hardcover of book one, and the illustrated edition of book one. A few years ago I also bought my dad the original British copy of book one, which he thought was just the coolest thing.

Storm Front by Jim Butcher
I originally read the British edition of this, which I had picked up from my local Half Priced Books but then decided I wanted the American paperback. Later on, I changed my mind about collecting them in American paperback, and now the first seven books are mass market American paperback and the next six are British paperback, and finally, the most recent two are American hardcover. I am, surprisingly, really okay with how these all look on the shelves.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
This is, by all accounts, my absolute favorite book in the world. I originally read it as an eBook when I was in Europe (same trip as mentioned before) and I have distant memories of when and where I read it. Then, when I got home, I HAD to buy a physical copy, so I got the American paperback that served as the author's definitive edition. A year later I found a copy in my Barnes and Noble that was signed and hardcover (and it was the LAST copy) so of course I snatched it up (and to this day it's one of my favorite copies of a book I have on my shelf). Earlier this summer I picked up the full cast audio book which I listened to (and thought was wonderful!) and only two weeks ago I got a British paperback edition that was also bound up with Anansi Boys (which I have yet to read). I also preordered the new paperback edition that will be coming out in a few weeks and has a classic 60s cover and looks so awesome.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
While American Gods is my favorite book of all time (thus being my favorite Neil Gaiman book of all time), if that book didn't exist, this would be my favorite Neil Gaiman book (maybe it would be easier to say second favorite, but it's really more than that). This is another one I own as an eBook but I actually read it as a paperback that I picked up while in Savannah. I fell in love with it over that vacation and picked up the full cast radio production which is stellar and I highly recommend. I also purchased (and it's on it's way right now!) the recent edition with Chris Riddell's art and I couldn't be more excited.

So, yeah, I have WAY to many copies of some books but LOL they look great on my shelf. What books do you have multiple copies of?


  1. Lol I have... four copies of ACOMAF. I began annotating one xD

    1. I would buy a million copies of that book if I could! I've been thinking about annotating one of them because it sounds fun but also I don't know if I can bear writing inside a book, haha :)

  2. Neverwhere was my first Neil Gaiman book - and I haven't looked back! :)

    1. It's just such a great book! And what a fantastic one to start with, I bet.


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