Thursday, June 18, 2015

TV Talk: NBC New Shows

I've done these twice before, talking about the new shows coming to the CW, ABC, and CBS.  What I do with TV Talk's is go through the new shows coming to the networks next season and give my opinion based off of the trailers.  Hope you enjoy and comment with what shows you're most excited for.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris
I like Harris quite a bit, but not enough to get me excited for this show.  I can't quite make out what it is.  Skits?  A competition?  A game show?  I think it's a bit of all three, honestly, and I have little patience for those kinds of shows.  Hopefully it manages to stay afloat, though.

This one with be on Tuesdays at 9c.

This is the only new show coming to NBC that I plan on watching.  It is cliche'd for sure- main character loses her memory and is probably a special ops officer set to save the world, or something such.  But the pace of the trailer and the leading lady (Jaimie Alexander) have me excited.  Actually, it's mostly due to Alexander, because I'm a big fan.

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10 o'clock.

Oh look!  Another medical drama!  Because there aren't enough of those :/  I won't be watching this one, either, but, again, our main character has a ton of power.  She looks like she shines through her role.  If only I weren't so squeamish- this would be an instant watch for me.  The concept's pretty awesome and it has some feminist undertones that I can really get behind.

It airs at 9 on Tuesdays.

People are Talking
As much as I don't watch medical drama's, I don't watch sitcoms.  I just generally stay away from them because my humor doesn't really match.  This one does look like a pretty standard sitcom, but on a market where the classic styles sitcoms don't really exist it could do well.

People are Talking will be on Fridays at 9:30.

The Player
This looks more like a movie than a TV series and I don't see exactly how it will hold up over multiple episodes.  So I'm not even going to give it a chance.  Were it a movie I'd have waited for it to stream somewhere.  I may do the same with this if it gets a second season.  Otherwise, it's a no-show for me.

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