Sunday, June 7, 2015

TV Talk: CW New Shows

Like I did a few weeks ago, I'm going to be talking about the new shows coming next season.  This one will be rather short since the CW only picked up three shows.  While I try to be informative in these little reviews, they're pretty loaded with my own thoughts and opinions.

Legends of Tomorrow
Here's my recent review of Arrow/Flash, and if you scroll to the bottom you'll find my thoughts on the Legends of Tomorrow trailer and what the show may hold in store for us.

This one will air during the mid-season.

I absolutely hate quarantine dramas.  Which this is.  It takes a lot for me to like disease and plague drama's.  The only one in recent times that I've actually sat down and watched is 12 Monkeys, and that was for the time travel aspects.  The one shining star about this show is that it looks like it will focus more on the relationships and is merely using the disease as a sort of setting.  It could be interesting, but I'll be staying very far away from this one.

This one will also air during the mid-season.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
I won't watch this one either, but it looks genuinely funny.  A very cute take on an old idea and told from her perspective instead of his.  I hope with time it moves away from a stalker-ish plot and becomes something else.  Either way, I think this will find a nice niche with fans.

This one will be on Mondays at 7c.

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