Saturday, August 22, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up and Book Haul and Apology

Let me start with the apology.  I'm leaving for college in a few weeks, and this week has just been very hectic.  Been getting a lot of things I need, spending extra time with my family, and now, this weekend, I'm at comic con pretty much every day (which is why I'm pre-writing this post on Friday). Because I've been busy I haven't read very much, or posted very much.  Or really been active in blogging.  I have tried to respond to all comments and follow links in comments for meme's, but beyond that I've done very little.  Normally I spend time discovering new websites and visiting all the ones I really like so I can comment on their WoW or TTT or F56.  But this week I just didn't, and I'm really sorry if you felt slighted.  I just haven't had the time, and when I have some spare minutes it's either really late or really early and I have no motivation.

So, as you're reading this I am currently at the Chicago Comic Con.  I went on Thursday (but not Friday) and had a total blast.  It's my first year going and was much more fun than I even imagined.  On the ground floor there are so many booths with nerdy stuff to buy that I really had to reign myself in.   There was one booth where you pay dollar for a chance to spin a wheel.  No matter what, you walk away from the booth with some sort of prize.  The first time I played I won a comic (no idea what it's from and I probably won't read it but it was fun) and the second time a little Ultron toy.  My friend that I went with spun and got a trade paperback graphic novel (neither of us were familiar with it) and then, the second time, a giant easter basket (which we gave to a kid because she didn't want it and it was a pain to carry around).  And then, on the top floor, was a gaming room full of classic arcade games that were all free to play!  We had a blast up there and then went to see a panel about the trip to Mars- which is way closer than I thought it was.

Switching gears, I only wrote a little bit last week.  I've hit a bit of a snag I think, if only because I haven't had the time to be creative.  I did decide to create a little side blog for my writing, and it's on tumblr.  I post there every couple days or so with updates about my writing.  So, unless you follow this link here (or the link at the top of this blog) you won't be hearing about my writing very much anymore.  The goal is to separate that from this blog.

I finished two books this week, but nowhere near as many as I wanted to get done.  I finished rereading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas (this is my third time reading that one) and I think it may be my favorite in the series now.  Which is strange, because for a while it  was my least favorite. Every time I read it, though, I enjoy it more and more.  I also finished Tortured Life and it was mind-blowing awesome!  Looking forward to writing that review.

I'm currently (still) reading Rook and I really really enjoy it but also really really want to finish it.  When I get stuck reading a book for so long it really starts to drag on me and I find myself enjoying it less and less.  On Sunday I'll be posting my Aug-Sep TBR on Youtube (and here) so if you want to see what else I plan on reading once I finish Rook wait for that.

This week I have a rather large amount I want to post, so hopefully I get to it.
Sunday- Sunday TV
Monday- Review of Daredevil Yellow
Tuesday- Top Ten Tuesday and Review of Blood of Olympus
Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday- Review of The Batgirl of Burnside and Review of Supreme: Blue Rose
Friday- Friday 56 and Review of They're Not Like Us
Saturday- Wrap Up and Book Haul

So now for the book haul part of this post.  And it's a rather large book haul.  But in my defense- two of these were preorders, one of them I used a coupon on, and the other two I actually bought from book depository two weeks ago.  I was waiting for them to ship.  So, really, I only bought one book this week.

My preorders were Angela: Asgards Assassin and Hawkeye: Rio Bravo (which is the last in this particular series).

The book I used a coupon on was Tarkin.  I wasn't super excited for this one because I had only judged it based off the cover and was only going to get it because it's Star Wars canon now.  But then I actually read the description (which I really should have done sooner) and I'm so very excited to get into this one.

And then the two books I ordered from across the pond were Bitten and Moon Called.  Why did I bother to do this?  Because I much prefer the British covers for both series.  I've wanted to read them both for a while, but have always been unhappy with the American paperbacks.  Now I own them in beautiful editions.

So that's my week (so far).  How was yours?


  1. So, don't feel bad. I actually haven't read any in the past two days simply because I've been working on my novel. I just bought Scrivener and it's given me new inspiration to get the words flowing.

    Anyway, have serious fun at Comic Con. We all need a break sometimes.

    1. Thanks! I hope you're enjoying Scrivener I've heard some very good things.

      The shame is that I'm taking a two week break from blogging for the last week of august and first week of september since I'll be moving into college and those will be the last few days I get to spend with my family for a while. I feel bad that I couldn't get more done this week.

  2. Nice haul!! These are all new to me, but I really hope you enjoy them. I hope you are having fun at Comic Con and good luck with school this year.

    Here is my STS:

    1. Comic con was a blast! I'm super excited because many of the books I hauled here were some of my most anticipated books for the year :) Thanks for stopping by!


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