Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up and Book Haul

My week was pretty great, book wise.  I spent a lot of time reading, watching book tube, and cruising around author sites.  I read so many books, I blew myself away.  Unfortunately, I think I tired the reading part of brain out for a bit, and don't know how much reading I'll actually get done this week.  It's also projected to be a bit of a busier week, with plans to head into the city on Wednesday.  I'm okay taking a small break from reading because it'll give my brain time to reset.

So what did I finish this week?  Well, I read Blood of Olympus on Sunday, then on Monday finished an egalley of Supreme: Blue Rose. Yesterday I finished three books, The Mermaid's Sister, Daredevil: Yellow, and They're Not Like Us.  Reviews for all will be coming in a few weeks.  This week my plan is to read The Throne of Fire and when I finish that, start re-reading Goblet of Fire.  While I don't think I'll finish that, there is a possibility I will.  If that's the case, I'll be reading Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void, which I've been eager to get to for a while.

I did write a couple of reviews this week.  Book reviews for Shannon in the Lion's Den, which I gave 4.5 stars, and The Son of Neptune, which I gave five stars.  I also reviewed Seed of Destruction, the first book in the Hellboy series; I gave it five stars.  And I wrote a review of the movie Inside Out.

As for watching TV, I didn't really do much of it.  I'm on the hunt for a good show to binge watch on Netflix, and I'm open to suggestions.  I really need to catch up on some other shows, too, so this week my goal is to get caught up to Graceland and Teen Wolf.  I think I can do it.

I don't talk about my writing a lot, but I have been spending some extra time on it.  Normally I write novels (or attempt to, at least) but this past month I've dedicated my time to short stories.  This week I sent two of them in to publishers through Open Anthology Calls.  I won't find out for at least four weeks if either of them make it, but I have my fingers crossed.  If they don't, rather then let the stories sit in a drawer, I'll publish them on the blog.

Here's the schedule for this week:
Sunday- Sunday Comics
Monday- Review of Fablehaven
Tuesday- Top Ten Tuesday and a Review of Mr. Holmes
Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday and a Review of Jurassic World
Thursday- What's Next and a Review of Mark of Athena
Friday- Friday 56 and a Review of The 100 (the book)
Saturday- Wrap Up and Book Haul

Now for my book haul.  I realized how much money I've been spending on books lately, particularly eBooks.  So, my goal is to try and stop the amount of them I buy.  I'm not exactly banning myself (because I have a ban planned for October-November) but I really want to cut down on the amount of eBooks I get.  I buy so many that I don't plan to read for so long.  It's become a pretty big problem.  That being said, here's my book haul this week:

I went to my local HPB hunting for some Young Avengers comics and some more books in the Dresden Files, but it was sadly lacking.  Instead, I ended up picking up The Glass Sentence in paperback.  It was really reasonable (six dollars I think) and I've had my eye on it for a while.  My plan is to get to this sooner rather than later.

And I got four eBooks this week as well.  I don't know when I plan to get to any of them, either, just that at some point I want to read them (you see my problem now).  They are Rebel Queen, Outlander, Hollow Earth, and Magonia.

Two graphic novels came through the mail, both of which I'm very eager to read.  I've actually already started Thor because I couldn't bare the weight of not-knowing who she is any longer.
And finally, two not-quite books to add to this book haul.
So I ordered a rather expensive personalized planner over a month ago.  It finally came in and I really enjoy it.  Once school starts and I start using it even more I think I'll write up a quick review of it.  So far it's working out spectacularly well.

I stopped at target yesterday to get some things for my dorm, and also took a stop down the toy aisle.  Really, I was looking for a lightsaber (I'm a geek and I know it).  For whatever reason they were completely sold out, so I guess I'll have to return again.  But in the very back of the aisle I found little funko pop bobble heads, and there was a Hawkeye one, so I just couldn't resist.  I've got him up on my comic/graphic novel shelf and he looks right at home.

So how was your week?  Let me know in the comments!

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