Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up, Book Haul, and Two Week Break

This has been, all in all, a rather good week.  Besides the normal, I finally got my tooth finalized and am now getting used to the crown in there.  Glad that's off my chest.  Also, my mom and I visited one of her good friends, who's a librarian.  My mom and her have been friends since middle school and stay in contact really well.  My moms friend works at probably the nicest library in the area and she gave us a tour of the whole building, including the behind the scenes.  When I say this is a nice library I mean it- they have everything you might want and then some, including rooms just dedicated to YA books, movies, and a studio with a green screen that anyone can use.

Blogging has been going really well and I'm only two books away from reaching my goodreads goal, so reading has been going well as well.  But I have definitely felt a time crunch lately.  In exactly one week I'm moving into my dorm at college (and I'm a freshman so it's even more unnerving) and I'm still running around buying things I need.  I haven't had as much time to read or spend blogging, and I knew this, so I'm taking a two week break.  By the end I should be refreshed and ready to start blogging like crazy again!  I'll also be writing my reviews differently, though you probably won't notice.  My goal is to write the review as soon after finishing a book as I can, then letting it sit until I'm ready to publish it, and then go through and edit and rewrite whatever isn't right or sounds bad.  I do this for some books as it is, but I really want it to work for them all.  This will be a little bit of a project, though, so if I'm feeling in the mood while I'm taking the break that's what I'll do.

I've been writing a lot more lately, as well.  The other day I reached over 10,000 words.  If you're really curious to see how I've been spending my writing time, click the link at the top that says "Tsundoku Words" and it'll take you to a tumblr blog where I've been documenting things.

On the reading front, I did finish Rook, which was amazing, and Knights of the Old Republic vol. 1, which was also amazing.  I'm currently two chapters into Lumiere, and I really just want to finish this one before I have to leave so that I can start off college with Queen of Shadows, which will be my next read for sure.

So I will be posting one more thing before my break, and that's tomorrow's Sunday Comics.  I've been reading comics like crazy.  I will also, hopefully, get my next Youtube video up tomorrow.  I've been busy editing it, but I have people coming today in only a few hours so I don't know how much I'll actually get done.  It will be up, latest, Monday morning.

I have a rather small haul this week, something I'm rather proud of.  Hopefully I won't buy too many books before I see you guys next.
So I got Saga Volume 2 because as soon as I finish volume 1 I know I'm going to want this one.  Also, it might be a while before I get around to volume 3, so why not make the wait a little easier?
To add to my Star Wars collection, I picked up an ebook copy of Crucible, which isn't canon, but a legends book.  At the time it was intended to be the last book following the classic trio.  Clearly, that's not quite true anymore, but I'm still rather curious to see what exactly happens in this book.

And, for the first time in a while, I picked up two DC Comics!  I feel like I haven't read anything DC for so long, my world has really just revolved around Marvel thanks to Marvel unlimited.  Anyway, I got the second issue of Birds of Prey and the fourth issue of Teen Titans.
Non-book wise I did get the digital edition of All Time Low's Future Hearts and that's what I'm listening to now.  It's on sale on the iTunes store and I've wanted this one for a while so I was happy to snap it up.

Hope you guys have a great week, and since I won't see you in a while, I hope you have a great couple of weeks.


  1. So glad to see that you liked Rook. I haven't started it yet. And omgosh so much Star Wars stuff coming out lately. I'll definitely be reading Queen of Shadows soon (I'll be reading the next Orphan Queen novella first tho since it's short). Nice haul!

    1. I know I love all the new Star Wars stuff it's great! My dad went shopping with me to get stuff for college and he looked in the cart and asked whether I was going to first grade or college because at least a third of the things (like notebooks, pencil cases, etc.) were either Star Wars of Avengers themed.

      I'm so excited for Queen of Shadows, I don't think I'm prepared to be ripped apart by it, though.

  2. I hope you'll enjoy your first few weeks at college. :)


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