Monday, September 28, 2015

College Journey #2: My First Few Weeks as a Freshman

I'm in college now, attending Knox College, a small liberal-arts school.  I want to major in Creative Writing and minor in film, and perhaps classics or linguistics (I'm loving my Latin class very much).  I know this is normally a book blog, but it's my blog so I can do what I please (evil laughter).  Every Monday or so (it may be less often) I plan to blog about how things are going.  This will provide not only an update on my personal life, but also tips and tricks for those entering college next year, and specific information for people who are looking at or planning to attend Knox.  I would have loved something so specific that could have helped me when I was making such a big change in my life.


The First Two Days of Classes
Classes have been going really well.  It was a bit nerve-wracking to attend each for the first time, and I honestly thought I might vomit at least once (I didn't).  Everything went smoothly, which was so nice for a change (I have a streak of bad luck when it comes to classes for the first time).  I'm really enjoying most of my classes, though I think Intro to Lit will be the most challenging.  Here's an abbreviated schedule:

MWF (Morning) & M (Evening)- Cinematic Visions
TT (Morning)- Intro to Lit
MWTF (Afternoon)- Elementary Latin

So, yes, I'm only taking three classes.  That's actually really normal here and they work off the trimester system, so each year I'll take about nine courses.  You can take more, but taking anything over 3.5 credits a trimester costs more money so only a small percent of the school actually does it.

Latin is my favorite, so far, and then there's Cinematic Visions where we watch a (good) movie every Monday evening.  Like I said earlier, Intro to Lit is a bit harder than the other two, so I'm dreading that one a bit.

Switching topics, I did get to explore town a bit.  There's a comic store in town that also has a (very very) small selection of books.  I'll be returning there quite a bit, and I'm actually looking forward to it.

Since Then
Classes are starting to weigh pretty heavy on me even though it's only week three.  Latin, while it's still the most interesting in some regards, is also probably the hardest.  Cinematic Visions has been good for breeding friends, one of which may be getting a hedgehog!

While I only have three classes, the load is pretty similar to that of work from high school.  I'm curious to see if it continues to be that way.

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