Thursday, September 24, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

I've done this twice before, now, one for Winter and one for Spring.  This is one of my favorite posts to write because it really allows me the chance to reflect on the books I've read in the last season.  So here I've spotlighted several that I really, truly love.  If I've written a review, I've also connected that.  

I'm a huge fan of Sarah J Maas, so it's no surprise that this book made it onto the list.  Even though I love Throne of Glass I was a bit worried I wouldn't love this.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved A Court of Thorns and Roses just as much as I love the Throne of Glass Series.  Also fun fact, this is one of the most popular reviews I've ever written (according to my stats).

Neverwhere is another book I utterly fell in love with.  And not only did I love the novel, but I loved the radio play.  The cast is perfect and the story is beautiful.  Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation, I pretty much always throw this one in there.  

Also, you have a chance to win this book, right now, and can enter the giveaway here.

The Mermaid's Sister was absolutely adorable and such a quick, fun read.  I really recommend this one, a lot, too.  It's not unlike a classic fairy tale, so if you're a fan of those, you'll probably enjoy this.

And of course, Queen of Shadows.  I loved this book.  I have no words for how amazing it was.  The review is coming soon.  I also took the opportunity to reread the other three books in the series and I loved them all very much (again).  Those reread reviews are coming soon, as well.

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