Monday, September 14, 2015

5 Star ARC Book Review: The Mermaids Sister

Author| Carrie Anne Noble (Facebook/Twitter)  Edition| Kindle eBook  Rating| 5 Stars

This book was absolutely adorable!  Before I even review it, let me tell you that I strongly recommend it to you, and you, and you, and you because I think everyone can love it!
UPDATED (see bottom)*****

The Mermaids Sister follows Clara and O'Neill as they go on a quest to rescue Clara's sister Maren by returning her to the sea.  Maren, you see, is a mermaid, and even though she grew up like a human, she has come to the part of her life where she must revert to her true form.  If she is not returned to the sea as soon as possible, she will shrink until she dies.

This is one of those books that is very hard to pin down.  Rating it was easy because of all the feels it gave me, but it's hard to review in the long run.  It's a very light fantasy, with beautiful prose, and interesting ideas.  I loved the romance- it broke and healed my heart several times- and thought the story itself was very entertaining.

Character-wise, I loved all of them.  They were all three dimensional (some just barely) and each felt like the center of their own story rather than players in the protagonists story, which was a breath of fresh air.

The mythology of the book was a bit weak, but it didn't harm the story in any way because of this.  This book relies on the light-ness of its story to buoy it through and will continue to entertain you from beginning to end, even if you don't catch yourself thinking of it much once you've finished.

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*****Wow, I totally spaced and didn't realize I got this from Netgalley.  I have no idea how I did that seeing as it says so very clearly at the top of my notes I took.  I feel totally stupid and unprofessional for making such a mistake.  So, I'm sorry for everyone for messing up.  I DID receive this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  It was published back in March of 2015. 


  1. I thought this book was adorable. Glad to see you liked it too!


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