Thursday, October 20, 2016

College Journey: Making Time to Read

I know I've been promising a dorm/campus tour for a while now but I haven't had time to record it yet. So next week. I PROMISE. And if I fail... well, you can think up a punishment.

For those who are new: College Journey is something I post the last two Thursdays of every month to both record my own experiences and help those who will be starting college next year or have just started this year. It's been a while since I collected all the posts in one place, so I'm including all the links in this post as well.

Freshman Year
Sophomore Year

I know that's quite a few links, but I like for it to be accessible to people. If you ever have a question about college life, personal or broad, don't be afraid to email me at 

I think I've spoken about this topic sporadically, but reading college can be hard. It took me about a month this year to get into the habit again and figure out my time management in a way that let me actually read regularly, so I wanted to share with all of you, who might be having a hard time carving out time to read. And, honestly, this is applicable to not just college students but all students.

Read before you sleep. I go to bed at midnight every night. That might seem late, but it actually gets me 8 hours since I wake up at 8:30 every day. I never have enough energy at night to really make it worth doing any homework. I could stay up and talk to friends, and sometimes I do do that, but since I see them a lot every day anyways, unless there's something special going on it's not my priority. What tends to happen is around 10 I retreat to my room and read. This only works for weekdays, though, since on weekends I don't even aim for midnight to sleep.

Read when you wake up. This is what I tend to do on weekends. I don't meet friends on weekends until around noon, since everyone likes to sleep in. I have a hard time sleeping in that late, so I normally, unless I have pressing homework, just read until it's time to meet everyone. This is one of the times I get the most reading done.

Read after classes are completely over. I love to read once I get home after all my classes are done for the day. I don't normally read for that long during these times of the day, since I want to get to my homework, but a chapter or two doesn't hurt and it lowers my anxiety.

Don't read in spurts. This is what I was doing wrong. I was using reading to be the padding between other work, but only reading one chapter in between hours of work was just killing my reading juice and I needed more than that. Now that I read for huge chunks of time I can actually notice a difference- I do more work during work time and relax more during reading time and enjoy reading more.

Don't force yourself to read or feel bad about not getting things read. This hasn't been much of a problem this year as much as it was last year, but sometimes I get mad or start to hate a book if it takes me too long to read, even if it's not the book's fault. And this, too, drains the fun out of reading when I'm stressing about finishing a book.

That's just my advice for reading! Do you have any particular advice? I'd love to hear it, so please comment!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday: Now I Rise

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine
Lada Dracul has no allies. No throne. All she has is what she’s always had: herself. After failing to secure the Wallachian throne, Lada is out to punish anyone who dares to cross her blood-strewn path. Filled with a white-hot rage, she storms the countryside with her men, accompanied by her childhood friend Bogdan, terrorizing the land. But brute force isn’t getting Lada what she wants. And thinking of Mehmed brings little comfort to her thorny heart. There’s no time to wonder whether he still thinks about her, even loves her. She left him before he could leave her.
What Lada needs is her younger brother Radu’s subtlety and skill. But Mehmed has sent him to Constantinople—and it’s no diplomatic mission. Mehmed wants control of the city, and Radu has earned an unwanted place as a double-crossing spy behind enemy lines. Radu longs for his sister’s fierce confidence—but for the first time in his life, he rejects her unexpected plea for help. Torn between loyalties to faith, to the Ottomans, and to Mehmed, he knows he owes Lada nothing. If she dies, he could never forgive himself—but if he fails in Constantinople, will Mehmed ever forgive him?
As nations fall around them, the Dracul siblings must decide: what will they sacrifice to fulfill their destinies? Empires will topple, thrones will be won . . . and souls will be lost.
Why I'm Waiting
I unexpectedly enjoyed And I Darken and absolutely cannot wait for this book to release. Not to mention the cover! I can't decide if I like this one more or the previous.
You can preorder the book here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Chicken Challenge Book Tag

This is part of the Chicken-Challenge which is hosted by Lys from The Mad Reader. I've been having so much fun participating and I'm kinda sad that it's drawing to a close.

1. A book that scared you.
I've only read the first two books in this series so far but when I read the first one, while it was an edge of my seat thriller, this one absolutely scared me, in all the right ways! I don't want to say how, since it happens in the last act of the book, but if you're looking for chills these books are a great place to start.

2. What's the funniest prank you pulled?
Okay, so it wasn't a purposeful prank, but one time my friends and I bought our other friend a bookmark. We didn't tell him and we had it mailed directly to his box. We expected he would know it was from us because it's something we would do. Apparently he thought someone was stalking him, though, and started to freak out and did a bunch of research onto the person we bought it from. When we learned this was what we thought we decided to leave a comment on the Etsy page that we bought it from and expect he would know it was one of us (particularly because we continued to tell him to check the comments section) but when he saw that he started freaking out even more and was so scared. We were all laughing so hard because he had never thought it was us and when we told him he just kinda breathed a sigh of relief. We apologized profusely but it's still one of the funniest things that has ever happened in our friend group and we don't let him live it down.

3. Share a spooky ghost story.
This isn't much of a story, but it's something that happened two me two years ago. When I go to sleep I pull the chain for my ceiling light and also flick the switch, just out of habit. But then, in the middle of the night one time, I woke up around 3am and the light in my room, which shouldn't have been able to turn on at all, was flickering on and off. I wasn't really scared but I was like "whoah" and then after it didn't happen for another half hour I went back to sleep and when I woke up was thoroughly freaked out.

4. What's the scariest movie you've ever watched?
Okay, this isn't a horror film but I was still so scared by it I was actually crying silently in the movie theatre, but Jurassic World. The Jurassic Park franchise just scares me (I'm not sure why) and even though I loved the film I don't think I could ever see it again.

5. What is your dream costume?
This definitely has a Celaena Sardothian vibe but even more then that it would be such a badass costume! Like, I would wear it around outside of Halloween.

6. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
Hahahaha I don't eat weird things. Like, I eat what I like and that is that because I'm super picky. I suppose it might be strange, but I love to eat Vegetarian Vegetable Soup with Pepperoni (I know I've talked about this before but it's still a little weird).

7. If you were a fictional who would you be and why?
I'd want to be an antihero of some kind, so maybe Mystique (but not the Jennifer Lawrence version, as much as I like her I don't think she does the character justice).

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wrap Up (The One Where I'm Back in the Blogging Mood)

For me there's this weird cycle of blogging, reading, and buying books. The more I blog the more I want to read and the more I read the more books I buy. The more books I buy the more I want to read them. And the more I read them the more I blog about them. And then I tend to fall into a slump at some point. Which is what I seem to be pulling out of. I'm in the blogging mood and have loved being an active part of the community again and I've also carved out time each day to read so I'm slowly starting to get back into the books I was in the middle of. WHOO.

One big reason for this is Instagram. You may have noticed that my account was deactivated. There were several reasons for that (all to do with me and school really) which I'll be addressing in my first post on my new account. More info to come soon.

Last Week
Wednesday-- Another Giveaway!

Next Week
Tuesday-- Tag
Wednesday-- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday-- College Journey
Saturday-- Wrap Up

I also want to mention the two giveaway's I have going on! If you want the full details I'll include links to the original posts, but here's a quick way for you to enter:

You can enter to win a book and this is international as long as Book Depository ships to your country. Here's the original link.

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You can also enter to win a candle from The Melting Library. Unfortunately this isn't an international giveaway. Here's the original link.

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You have a lot more time to enter the Melting Library Giveaway and for both of the giveaways you can enter at least once a day by tweeting out the message, so don't forget to stop back to continuously enter! Best of luck to everyone and thank you for entering!

Friday, October 14, 2016

5 Star Reaction Review: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)

Author: Sarah J Maas
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: 5 Stars

This was my final reread before I could pick up Empire of Storms, and my opinion of it nearly completely changed. The first time I read it I had said that I thought it was the weakest book in the series and that characters were developed poorly and there seemed to be a lot missing in between the pages. Well, I still think some of the character development was a little rushed, but not nearly so much as I once thought, perhaps because I knew where the characters were ending up in this book.

Which is one huge thing I loved about rereading this book. That's one of my favorite things about rereading in general- you know where the book is going and how it's going to end so you can pick out pieces that are foreshadowed at the beginning and just enjoy the overall storyline. And since it's been a while since I read it the first time there were a lot of details that were still rather murky in my head. I couldn't remember exactly what would happen or when and what all the details were and it was so nice to have both an experienced eye and a naive eye reading this book at once.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Book Scavenger Hunt

This is part of the Chicken-Challenge, a read-along and challenge hosted by Lys from The Mad Reader. This is the challenge I was most excited to do for the whole event (I'll admit maybe that's because I helped create it but also because it sounds like so much fun!) and since I didn't have the time to do every challenge I made sure this was one that I could do for sure.

The Rules: You have 2 minutes to think of as many books as you can corresponding to the categories given. 


Books with Royalty
Lunar Chronicles
Heir of Fire

Books with Murder
Throne of Glass

Books with an Unexpected Love Story
Shadow and Bone

Books with a Female Friendship
Lady Midnight
Queen of Shadows

Books with at Least One Animal Pet
Crown of Midnight
City of Bones

Books with Travels
Six of Crows

Books with Covers that Don't Match the Interior
Hunger Games

Books with a lot of Food
The Crown's Game

Books You Can't Read Outside (and give a reason)

Books with Illnesses
The Movie Version

This was so much harder than I thought but I had a lot of fun doing it! Two minutes is really fast and I just kinda froze as I was doing it and would just stare at the words and not comprehend, LOL. Great game!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another Giveaway!

Thank you everyone who follows me on Bloglovin' and has boosted that number up to 100! It's been a goal of mine since day 1 to have a hundred followers for this blog. I know it's just a number, but it's such a pretty number don't you agree? And it's also so nice to see that people actually read the things I put out, since I spend quite a bit of time each day blogging. So thank you everyone!

And like I promised in my previous giveaway post, now that I've reached 100 followers I'm going to be hosting another giveaway. And this time it's not for a book... it's for a candle! From the Melting Library, to be exact. I love their candles so very much that I don't think I can even begin to shed my love for them anywhere. I use their Night Court candle nearly every day and I'm waiting patiently for the Dirtyhands candle that I ordered to arrive. If you haven't heard of them, I recommend going and checking out their Etsy Shop which I've linked above.

For this giveaway I can only ship within the fifty states, and I'm sorry about that for my international friends who would like one. Hopefully someday I'll have the spare cash to ship something internationally (perhaps my two year blogoversary....). Again, I'm trying to get people to follow on Bloglovin' because I find it a convenient way to keep track of everyone, but you can follow however you want. This giveaway is actually running longer than the other one, because I want more people to get the chance to win one of these amazing candles.

Because they have a revolving stock the prize is up to you. You can win one full size candle from the Melting Library of your choice. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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You can actually send out the tweet every day, so if you want to increase your chances of winning please feel free!

And if you haven't had the chance to enter into my other giveaway, here's your chance:

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