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Sunday Comics

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Comics.  I do this post every other week to chronicle all the individual comics I've read.  This week is a rather long post, so strap in and enjoy.

Runaways (2003-2004) Issues #7-9
written by Brian K Vaughan
art by Adrian Alphona, Craig Yeung, and Brian Reber
rating: 3.5 Stars
While I do enjoy this series, it often lacks something that keeps me coming back.  I have to push myself a little extra to make sure I continue on with this series, because all in all, I do enjoy it and I really want to know where it leads.  I think it may have something to do with the art, which I really dislike, but there could also be another reason I haven't considered.

Iron Fist (2004) Issue #1
written by James Mullaney
art by Kevin Lau 
rating: 3 Stars
I actually forgot I had read this until I looked over my notes.  Which isn't really a good thing.  I'm rather curious about his character since there's going to be an Iron Fist series on Netflix and he's the one I know least about.  However, this was the completely wrong place to jump in.  I think I'll give the Marvel Now series a try.

New Avengers (2004-2010) Issues #3, 4, 21
written by Brian Michael Bendis
art by David Finch, Allen Martinez, Danny Miki, Victor Olazaba, and Frank D'Armata
rating: 4 Stars
You're probably wondering how I went from issue number four to twenty-one.  Well, twenty-one is a Civil War tie-in story and I'm trying to read all Civil-War related things before the movie comes out next year.  I must say, the way the earlier parts of the New Avenger's stories are going (referring to issues three and four) is ridiculous.  These plot lines?  Way out there.  But for some reason I like it....

Young Avengers (2005-2006) Issues #11-12
written by Allan Heinberg
art by Jim Cheung and Dave Meikis
rating: 5 Stars
If you've been reading my blog for a bit you've noticed this is my absolute favorite series.  So nothing else to really say.  I'm always on the hunt for Young Avengers graphic novels since about half of them are out of print and I actually just put in an order for the second half of this particular series.  Super excited for that to arrive (and it was rather inexpensive, much to my surprise).

Civil War Issue #2
written by Mark Millar
art by Steve McNiven
rating: 5 Stars
Ohmygosh this series is so intense!  I'm only two issues into the proper series, but it's already got me biting my nails.  If you're interested in comics at all, this is a fantastic example of everything done right.  Read it, please.

Secret Warriors (2008-2011) Issues #1-2
written by Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman
art by Stefano Caselli and Jim Cheung
rating: 4.5 Stars
I'm still getting used to the characters since many I wasn't aware even existed, but so far it's a very good series and I'm very interested to see where it goes.

Spider-Girl Issue #1
rating: 3 Stars
I'm a bit torn on this one.  It was okay in every aspect.  I'll continue the series since it's rather short and I really like this corner of the Marvel universe.

Star Wars- Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm Issues #3-4
rating: 3.5 Stars
I'm really enjoying this series now, but it's a bit of a shame it's so short since that's not enough time to really get to know the characters as much as I would want.

Nova (2013- ) Issues #7-8
written by Zeb Wells
art by Paco Medina
rating: 4 Stars
I really love this series more than I thought I would.  Sam is a great narrator and I love how he's actively learning to be a superhero and making actual mistakes.  Also, now the New Warriors have an interest in him (and I'm a bit torn about that because who the hell authorized a reboot of them after everything that happened in Civil War? but also I love Speedbal, so, conflicted.  very conflicted).

Uncanny Avengers (2015- ) Issue #2
written by Rick Remender
art by Daniel Acuna
rating: 4 Stars
I really love the art and the characters and where the story can lead.  Except, none of the characters are together and that's getting me a bit angry because I want to see what they can do together.  Also, more Quicksilver, please.  I know his sister is getting her own series this fall, is there hope he'll get his own?  Or at least feature in hers heavily?  Fingers crossed.

Inhuman Issue #8
written by Charles Soule
art by Pepe Larraz and Ryan Stegman
rating: 3 Stars
Inhumans are so cool.  I do like that they've begun to wrap up the Blackbolt story line, though I do think he's a bit of an ass-hole after abandoning everyone, again.  Hopefully further issues will end up reuniting him with his wife so she can slap him really hard.

Thunderbolts Issue #103
written by Fabian Nicieza
art by Tom Grummett
rating: 4 Stars
This was another Civil War tie-in and it was interesting.  I'm not too familiar with many of the characters, but I'm willing to get to know them.  I love the premise behind the story and the twist ending was super amazing.  Looking forward to continuing.

The Amazing Spider-Man(1999-2013) Issue #533
written by J Michael Straczynski
art by Ron Garney, Bill Reinhold, and Matt Milla
rating: 5 Stars
This is another tie-in to Civil War.  My heart is breaking for Peter Parker.  Out of everyone he's rolled the worst number.  I heard he was treated brutally, but I never imagined.  Really great series.

Avengers v X-Men Issue #1
written by Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman
art by John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna
rating: 3.5 Stars
I did not realize the list of names that went into this series.  All the authors are big-hitters that I tend to enjoy (though I'm a bit iffy with Bendis, who turns out so much it's easy to find one to dislike) but I didn't love this story as much as I thought I would.  I think that may be because this issue dealt with a lot of set-up and very little action, and also because Cyclops is being a ****** and I don't like when he acts like that.

Civil War: Front Line Issues #2 and 3
written by Paul Jenkins
art by David Aja, Ramon F Bachs, Steve Lieber, Lee Weeks, Robert Campanella, and John Watson
rating: 3.5 Stars
There's so much going on in these comics it's hard to really rate them.  I skip over the end bits where they mix old and current events, since they don't really impact the story at all and I find them boring.  I do enjoy seeing what the reporters see, but I'm not a fan of either of the narrators here.  Speed Ball's story breaks my heart completely, I adore him.  Also, I've discovered I have a soft spot for Speedsters, regardless of who they are.  Didn't know that until recently.

Young Avengers Presents: Patriot
rating: 3 Stars
Eli is easily my least favorite Young Avengers member, probably because he's such a downer and often fighting Kate for the leadership position (she's the leader, Eli, get over it.  She's ten times better than you'll ever be).  This was an interesting look into his head, though, and does make me sympathize a bit more with him.

Son of M Issue #1
written by David Hine
art by Roy Allan Martinez and John Watson
rating: 3.5 Stars
I do adore Quicksilver, but he's feeling a little to sorry for himself in this series for my taste.  Rather a depressing read.  Also, another story where my heart breaks for Peter Parker.  That poor guy just can't catch a break.  Also, I really didn't like the art.

Fantastic Four (1998-2012) Issue #538
written by J Michael Straczynski
art by Mike McKone, Andy Lanning, and Adi Granov
rating: 3 Stars
This is another Civil War tie-in.  I just saw the new Fantastic Four moving, so coming off that I'm not to eager to read about Marvel's first family.  This did actually work to redeem them a bit (which is great).  I like how they're really being divided, since nowhere else in the comics is anyone else effected family-wise.  Ben's thoughts on the whole thing was super interesting and rather philosophical, too.

X-Factor (2005-2013) Issue #8
written by Peter David
art by Dennis Calero and Ryan Sook
rating: 2.5 Stars
This is another Civil War tie-in.  And probably the most confusing one I've read yet.  There's no way to really enjoy this one, because, while the story is interesting, the art is full of dark colors and shadows so you can barely make out the different character features, and unless you're already reading this series, you won't be familiar with the characters who get no introduction at all.  I tried looking online to learn more and even that was unhelpful.

Wolverine (2003-2009) Issue #43
written by Marc Guggenheim
art by Humberto Ramos
rating: 3.5 Stars
I still think the art is rather cartoonish for a Wolverine comic, but whatever.  The storyline is one of my favorites, since Logan seems to be the only one actually doing anything to catch the killer.

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