Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Star Graphic Novel Review: Batgirl of Burnside (Batgirl, Volume #1)

Author| Cameron Stewert and Brenden Fletcher  Artist| Babs Tarr  Rating| 5 Stars
Edition| Paperback  

This was absolutely amazing and a great place to start if you want to jump into comics.  Both the art and the story deserve five stars.
While this is technically volume one of a new Batgirl series, it comes after the previous set of New 52 Batgirl comics.  I've not read those, yet, but I plan to now, since I fell in love with Barbara's character.

Everything is new for Barbara in this series.  She's in a new town, new job, new friends, new outfit, and new baddies.  She has also discovered the power that social media can grant superheroes and must deal with things haunting her from her past.

The plot was very surprising in that it's overarching the whole story.  By the end of the book you're left in a state of wonder, seeing how all the threads connect in this really great way.  Each individual comic manages to tell a lot of great story as well, delving into both the Batgirl persona and Babs life outside of it.  All of my favorite things that can happen in superhero comics pretty much happened in this story, and flawlessly.  Another huge surprise?  Dinah was a pretty major player in this book, and I love seeing her around.

Besides Dinah, plenty of new characters showed up.  I have a feeling there may be a new Birds of Prey story in the mix with the way the book ended, honestly.  All the side characters were fully developed, diverse, and extremely interesting.  It's certainly a comic series for this generation.

I feel like it's best not going into much more than this.  I've been vague on purpose, because it's great to just enjoy the ride.  So, definitely pick this one up at some point.  Add it to your goodreads here.

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