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Sunday Comics

Sunday Comics is something I do every other week to highlight all the comics I've been reading.  Since getting Marvel Unlimited I haven't been able to put it down.  If you're interested in comics I really recommend getting Marvel Unlimited because it's only ten dollars a month and you get to read not only classic comics but new ones released within the last six months.  It's handy for newcomers and old readers alike.

DC Comics

Batgirl (2000-2006) Issue #3

written by Scott Peterson and Kelley Puckett
art by Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, and Jason Wright
rating: 3.5 Stars
I'm starting to warm up to this series, finally.  I've come to really respect the role of Batgirl in the DC universe, particularly Barbara.  This being Cassandra there are obviously big differences between the characters.  The hardest part of reading this series, for me, is the art, which I absolutely dislike.  It's too cartoony for my taste, especially when dealing with serious subject matter.  The language barrier between the characters is also a bit of a strain, though it's getting easier to understand the body language of the characters now.

Gotham Adventures Issue #1

written by Ty Templeton
art by Rick Burchett, Terry Beatty, and Lee Loughridge
rating: 4 Stars
This is in the style of the TV series, and I really enjoyed it.  The plot is rather straight-forward, but a bunch of fun, and we get to see all our favorite characters return.  Really, it's more of a fluff piece than anything else, but it's free on the digital store.  Plus, Alfred is still the best.

Justice League 3001 Preview

written by JM DeMatteis and Keith Giffen
art by Howard Porter
rating: 2 Stars
Um, it was interesting?  For a preview it did a really poor job of setting up what was going on.  I was so confused, had no idea who the characters were, or why they were there, and the art didn't help.  It wasn't bad art, just poor decision in this case.  It doesn't make me want to pick up the actual series, which is a shame because it could be a cool concept, I think.

Marvel Comics

Inhuman (2014) Issues #1-7

written by Charles Soule
art by Joe Madureira
rating: 4.5 Stars
This is my first foray into Inhumans, and I think it was a wonderful place to start.  It eases you into the world and the story, partly because it was like a rebooting of the whole series.  I thoroughly enjoy this corner of the Marvel Universe, now, and plan to read many more series along this line.  I definitely recommend this series to people just coming to comics.  It's got an easy to understand story with many memorable characters.  My personal favorite (right now, at least) is Dante Pertuz, aka Inferno.

Runaways (2003-2004) Issues #2-6

written by Brian K Vaughan
art by Adrian Alphona, David Newbold, and Brian Reber
rating: 4.5 Stars 
This was a series that I wasn't quite sure what to do with at first.  It had an interesting concept, but that was it.  Also, I hate the art.  But then I started reading them one after another instead of taking a few weeks break (like I did between the first and second issues).  It's really, really good.  The characters are really well done, three dimensional, and they have plenty of issues.  They may be teenagers, but they've got a lot of adult in them, as well.  Another great series to start with if you're new to comics.  One thing that I noticed early on and that I find super important is how much like actual teenagers they act!  They were all easily believable and I loved it.  Here are just a few snap shots (though they may be better in context):

Nova (2013- ) Issues #1-6

written by Jeph Loeb
art by Ed McGuinness
rating: 4.5 Stars
Hello, Sam Alexander.  Did you just become one of my very favorite characters?  The answer to that is, yes.  I've never read a Nova story before, but I think I found the perfect place to jump in.  Sam is only the most recent character to take over the mantle of Nova.  They're very similar to the Green Lanterns in that they're a group that polices outer space and when you put on a helmet you'r in uniform and have some powers and stuff.  Like I said, they're very similar to the Green Lanterns.  No hard feelings, though.  I find this story super entertaining (and a little sad).  It's pretty long, too, so I have plenty of material to keep me occupied.  This is another perfect place to start reading comics.

When I was reading I couldn't help but find this little scene hilarious (and super realistic):

Children's Crusade Issues #7-9

written by Allan Heinberg
art by Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, and Justin Ponsor
rating: 5 Stars 
I love this series.  I don't want to talk to much about it, because the ending was so very, very sad (I was sitting on my floor crying as I read it).  It was everything one could want in a series.  Just know that I'll be buying the nice bind up of this series and re-reading it very soon.

Amazing Spider-Man (1993-2013) Issue #532 (Civil War Tie-In)

written by J Michael Straczynski
art by Ron Garney, Bill Reinhold, and Matt Milla
rating: 4.5 Stars
I like Spider-Man as much as the next person, and I like the Civil War storyline quite a bit, too.  However, this installment just felt like it was a lot of internal thinking.  There was some set-up and finally a solution at the end, but it really leaves me hanging, and I'm hoping that further issues will help move an actual plot along.  I really did enjoy it, overall, though, don't get me wrong.

Young Avengers (2005-2006) Issues #1-7

written by Allan Heinberg
art by Jim Cheung
rating: 5 Stars
Because I couldn't stop after Children's Crusade.  This is the first Young Avengers series, and where you should probably start with reading about them.  It's also a good place to start for newcomers to comics.  Like Children's Crusade, this is easily one of my favorite comic series' and I get so into reading it I forget I'm not watching it play out in front of me.  I will preach about this series forever, because it's one of a kind and very amazing.  And heartbreaking in many different ways.  You'll love it.

X-Men Origins: Gambit

written by Mike Carey
art by Nathan Fairborn, David Yardin, Dabel Brothers, and Robert Steen
rating: 2 Stars
Let's just leave it at, leave this alone.  Even for fans of Gambit, it's not worth it.

X-Men (2013- ) Issues #1-2

written by Brian Wood
art by Olivier Coipel
rating: 4 Stars
This series is great.  It's X-Men through and through, except with one important twist.  All the major X-Men characters taking up the pages are women.  It's a nice change.  And it doesn't mean there aren't men, it means they're just predominantly women.  And the success of both the story and the characters means they're just as good as their male counterparts.  Really a great series and the art is superb.  Recommend to fans of X-Men and badass women, alike.

New Avengers: The Reunion Issue #3

written by Jim McCann
art by Alvaro Lopez and David Lopez
rating: 3.5 Stars
So, I do like this series for the most part.  The story wasn't nearly as emotional this issue as it was in the last one.  Also, I still hate the art.  But seeing Clint and Bobbi together, even when they're fighting, makes me happy.

New Avengers (2004-2010) Issue #1

written by Brian Michael Bendis
art by David Finch, Danny Miki, and Frank D'Armata
rating: 3.5 Stars
I will be returning to this series for sure.  I like all the characters that have been introduced so far and I like where it's heading.  I did feel like it was a boo full of just set-up, though, so I'm hoping that the action really starts happening soon.

A-Babies v X-Babies

written by Skottie Young
art by Gurihiru
rating: 5 Stars
This was freaking adorable!
I mean, just look at it!
This is one of the most amazing things I've ever read!
Go read it!

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi- Force Storm Issue #1

written by John Ostrander
art by Jan Duursema
rating: 3 Stars
This is part of the Star Wars Legends, but even so, I've wanted to read it for some time.  It's the comic half of the Dawn of the Jedi series that was happening at the very end of the Legends' era.  I've got the full novel on my kindle, and I plan to read it soon, actually.  I'm hoping that the novel is much better than this comic book was.  The issue was rather confusing, and I'm not sure if there's any particular character I should be rooting for.  It also was set-up for a story, without any explaining.  A very strange combination.  I do want to continue with this series, though, just to see where it goes.  Plus, it's rather short.

Ant-Man (2015- ) Issue #1

written by Nick Spencer
art by Ramon Rosanas
rating: 5 Stars
This was perhaps the funniest comic I've ever read.  In honor of Ant-Man hitting theaters I picked this one issue up.  I sorta expected it to be a dud, and while the story itself was kinda lame, the writing was laugh-out-loud funny.  I mean, I seriously laughed out loud.  That NEVER happens!  But Scott's inner monologue just had me in a ball on the ground keeping tears in my eyes.  Really recommend picking this up and you don't even really need to know much about Ant-Man to read it.  Great if you saw the movie and liked it, because it's a perfect fit with the tone of the film.

Uncanny Avengers (2015- ) Issue #1

written by Rick Remender
art by Daniel Acuna
rating: 3.5 Stars
I really like the characters in this book.  I didn't really like the story.  At first I was like, okay, I can see where this goes.  Around the half-way point it lost me and got super confusing.  I'm hoping future issues help clear things up for me because I'm prepared to really enjoy this series.

So, yeah, I said I read a lot of comics.  This post actually took me much longer to write than I thought it would.  Have you been reading comics?  Want me to read something in particular?  Let me know int he comments!

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