Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Wrap Up

I got a ton of reading done this month I can barely believe it!  Part of the reason I got so much done is kinda sad (my depression reared it's ugly head again, ugh) but there is the upside of the amount of pages I poured through this month- and loved!  I mean, I did have a pretty high goal for myself this month and I (pretty much) managed to reach it.  If you remember my January TBR I planned to read eight books, and I finished six of those and then one I didn't plan to get to.  The only ones I didn't manage to finish were Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Chilling Revelation, though I'm currently a few chapters in, and Sword and Verse, which I just didn't feel like reading when the preorder finally came in.

I loved this book so much!  I couldn't have imagined that I would adore it so, and I'm desperately waiting for Glass Sword at this point.  I actually find myself thinking about this book pretty regularly, which really surprises me.  It was a great way to start off the month, even though it took me two weeks to read it.

2. Illuminae
I buddy read this book with Maryam Dinzly and it was so fun to do that!  On top of that, this book was amazingly fantastic and if you haven't read it you really, really should.  It took me about a day and a half to get through completely and I both savored every second and couldn't stop racing through it.

This was such a surprisingly good read!  It's a cute little middle grade steeped in Japanese mythology, and I really, really recommend it.  Particularly, if you know a young reader; it's the perfect story to share among many generations.

4. A Thousand Pieces of You
I have some really conflicted feelings about this book.  On one hand it was super addicting, and on the other, it wasn't that deep and the romance was weak.  I do plan to continue this series, though, and I'm excited to do so.

This one took me no time at all to read and I rather enjoyed it!  It's not super important to reading the rest of the series, but I think if you're a fan you'll enjoy it.  I do recommend reading it between Cress and Winter, if you're curious.

6. Beyond the Shadows
Oh goodness this book swept me away and gave me massive book hangover!  It's the final book in the Night Angel trilogy and things only got better.  I heard that Brent Weeks said he'd be writing another trilogy set in this world, and I really, really can't wait.

7. You Were Here
I'm actually writing this post before I've finished this book, but I'm not worried about finishing it.  So far it's been a really quick read and, while it's not as angsty as I think it's trying to be, I'm really enjoying it. The art really adds a level to the story that I'm enjoying.

I also managed to read several volumes of manga, and a couple graphic novels, too.  TV-wise I haven't watched very much, and hopefully next month I'll fix that problem.  I just haven't been motivated to do much more than read, and, honestly, I'm okay with that.

What books did you read last month?  Any you absolutely loved?  Let me know!


  1. Wow nice hefty list of books you read! It's seriously goals. :) Last month I read and highly enjoyed First Year ( The Black Mage #1 ) by Rachel E. Carter, November 9 by Colleen Hoover, and Six of Crows ( Six of Crows #1 ) by Leigh Bardugo. Best of luck with your reading in February!

    -Megan, Books of Fascination

    1. I'm reading Six of Crows now and I'm rather enjoying it! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nice! I'm currently out of town so my wrap-up post will probably go up sometime tomorrow (when I can take pictures of all the books and stuff). You got a lot of reading done! Way more than me xD

    1. I'm surprised by how much I got done, honestly; it was just a really good reading month I guess.

  3. Illuminae was so amazing! One of my favorite reads for the month, I think. I'm glad you liked A Thousand Pieces of You. It was really addicting and fun, but like you I had some issues with the romance.

    1. Illuminae was breathtakingly amazing! A Thousand Pieces of you is super addicting.


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