Thursday, December 29, 2016

College Journey: Year Wrap Up & Look Ahead

I've been told that the best way to end any span of time, be it a week, a month, or a year, is to look back at what you've accomplished and ahead at what you want to do. I do this on a personal level in my planner every Sunday and it's one of the best habits I've gotten into because it allows me to really take stock of what the important tasks are and what the trivial things are and also helps me manage my time. Instead of doing a regular College Journey post, then, I'm doing something similar and I'm going to go back through all the posts from this year and give an outline of what posts I want to write in the new year. If there's anything you want me to write a post about, don't be shy! Leave a comment.

These first few posts come from what I consider "season one" of the college journey posts, meaning they were written when I was still a Freshman and they were, more or less, a test run of how these were going to go.

I wrote this one after my roommate left the school for her health and it had me really thinking about when college is or isn't right and what you can do instead.

Part one of the stress reduction posts (part two released just last week!).

A common theme here is time management because I'm slightly obsessed with it. I hate the stress that comes when important things start overlapping and do my best to prevent it from happening. I've been pretty good at that lately, though work has thrown me off the time management skills I've been developing I'm hoping next term will be better. I may write a follow up post to this next year, but not any time early in the year.

A challenge I set for myself that really didn't work out. Oh well.

One of my favorite posts because it's got some really solid advice in here. If you're about to go to college or still settling in I recommend checking this post out. I will do a similar post, probably collecting tips I picked up this year, at the end of the school year.

Now here are the posts from this school year and they're definitely a lot more professional than the previous ones, though don't think the previous ones are bad! They're just not as structured.

Something I recommend looking back on before you head back to school after winter break ends.

Another one that I recommend peeking in on every time you return after an extended stay at home.

Pretty self-explanatory title.

This is one of the few (actually, it may be the only) college journey posts this term where I actually touch base with everyone and show you a peek into my own life and how things are going at school. There will definitely be more of these in the new year because I think they're very helpful in their own way- rather than tell you what to do I show you how I'm doing and coping.

These are some things I learned the hard way and tips that help me read. Reading calms me down and helps get rid of stress and is also just something I love doing so making time is upmost importance.

A small post but a fun post.

Finals are hell! I'm only slightly kidding. They don't have to be, though. Here's what I do and it mostly helps me get through them. With these I don't, at least, feel like giving up every half hour or that I'm drowning. It's possible to get through them I promise!

You're probably home right now so don't forget some of these things. I will probably write another one of these right before summer break, adding in some final thoughts on cleaning your dorm and getting a job.

Part two of stress reduction during one of the bleakest times of the year. You can make it through this, I promise!

So what will I be doing next year? Well, I'll definitely be keeping the same schedule where I post twice a month on the final two Thursdays, but from this point forward I'll be posting information on the first of those two, and "documentary" on the second, meaning it will be a peek into how I'm doing.

For specific posts I will definitely be getting to a dorm tour sooner than later. I want to make sure everything is straightened up and that I have a camera that records sound well. It will take me a day to record and probably a week or two to edit so don't expect it until March most likely but it will absolutely be coming. As for a campus tour, I'm going to push that off a bit longer because I don't want to record in the snow and want everyone to see a really nice, spring version of the campus.

I also expect to wrap up this "season" of College Journey at the end of May and king a two month break until August. I won't be in school during that time anyways and the break will be nice.

Here's to the new year!

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