Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Books & Candy: Summer Edition

"You and me are like books and candy and I don't wanna give it up!" Okay I know that's not how the song goes but basically that how I feel about my two great loves- chocolate and reading. So I thought, why not combine them with this post? Lately I've been trying to incorporate more bookish posts that aren't just reviews or weekly memes and I'm really proud of this one. The idea is simple: pair a book and a candy. Here are four books that I've either read recently or remind me of summer and the snacks that I think go best.

I reread the Throne of Glass series every year in prep for the next book and this year is no exception. For the first time, though, I'm actually reading the UK paperbacks and not my well loved American hardcovers. I'm not too far into my reread yet, but it's easy to pair chocolate with this series. For one, it's Celaena's favorite desert (I always get a sweet tooth reading these books), and for another it's a pretty good compliment to one of my favorite fantasy series' ever. Chocolate and Throne of Glass are two classics that go well together. 

I just finished The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue but it immediately became a favorite of mine. The characters! The romance! The story! The historicalness! Queer! So many feelz! So many exclamation marks! You get the gist. I paired Sour Patch Kids with this book because they're sour then sweet then gone. While the book itself isn't sour (though it's incredibly sweet and I devoured it far too quickly) Monty can be a bit of an ass throughout the book.

Percy Jackson without blue candy is just not possible. Everyone knows blue candy just tastes better and is more aesthetically appealing. Which is why it was so hard for me to narrow down which blue candy would be featured with this book! I settled on Jolly Ranchers because they tend to last a while in my house and I love them so. I've been reading about Percy & co. since elementary school and I still return to the books every couple years to remember how much I love them. These will never leave my shelf. The book pictured here is actually Son of Neptune, a book I read two summers ago. It will forever be paired with vacation and the beach (books are like flypaper, after all) and even just the cover gives me stirrings of the car ride and trip.

Last but not least is Rebel of the Sands. I read this last summer and fell in love. The desert setting and cover (not a fan of the new covers) evoke hot nights and warm stories. I still haven't picked up the sequel but I'm sure I'll love that as well. I paired this one with Kit-Kats because they're both unassuming but fantastic. Kit-Kats have that tasty crunch and Rebel of the Sands has a wonderfully captivating story I was not prepared for when I opened it up.

That's it for this edition of Books & Candy and I hope you like it! I'm hoping to be able to do another (or two) before the year is out. What are your favorite book and snack combinations? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have had Throne of Glass on my tbr for a while now. I really need to give the series a go.

    I have heard such good things about The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue! I'll be looking for your review. :)

    1. It's one of my favorites and definitely something I don't think you'll regret.

      Gentlemans Guide was one of the best books I have read this year! It was amazing and delivered on everything it promised and then some. I honestly can't recommend this book enough. I had to push the review back a bit but it should be up August 4th now.

  2. I'm so in love with Percy Jackson! I read The Son of Neptune a couple of months ago and really, this series just keeps getting better. Cannot WAIT to read The Mark of Athena!

    (I also have Empire of Storms by my bed ... I'm keen!)

    1. I love Son of Neptune but Mark of Athena is like five times better so I think you'll absolutely love it (especially if you ship Percabeth).

      I hope you enjoy Empire of Storms! Within the TOG series it's probably my second favorite (not first only because HOF is sooo good).

  3. I was going to say if you didn't have blue candy for Percy Jackson... :)


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