Monday, July 10, 2017

Music Monday: Summer Jams

Music Monday is a meme hosted by my friend Lauren from Always Me and the rules are simple: share a few songs you've been enjoying lately (they don't have to be a specific genre or follow any theme) and they can be new or old songs. If possible share a music video or lyric video. And, of course, link up with Lauren.

I've wanted to participate in this meme for a while but for whatever reason it either kept slipping my mind, I didn't have time to write it, or there wasn't any music that was inspiring me at the moment. I seem to have found some passion for music again, though, and I'm excited to join in. I know I won't be able to participate each week but I'm going to try and be a frequent flier with this one.

First up is Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran which is, without a doubt, the song that defines this summer for me.
I'm not a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, meaning that I won't go out of my way to listen to his music, but if it comes on the radio I will absolutely turn the speakers up a bit. When I heard this for the first time on a car ride to an amusement park I fell instantly in love. It's super nostalgic (if that were a genre it'd be my favorite) and reminds me of a song that defined my summer after senior year of high school- Geronimo (the openings sound similar).

Walking the Wire was one of Imagine Dragons singles released in prep for their most recent album (which I absolutely love).
The first time I listened to it I was so overcome in emotion and energy that I had to dance (badly; I'm not a good dancer). It's such a motivating and beautiful song and I want to play it constantly. I couldn't say whether it was the music or the lyrics I loved more.

Like most Coldplay songs Something Just Like This took me a while to warm up to, but once I really started listening to the lyrics I fell in love. Anything that references Greek/Roman mythology tends to attract me, and not only does this song make reference to Achilles and Hercules but Spiderman and Batman as well. A song after my own heart.

When I was younger my dad told me that he'd listen to a song from his childhood and be taken back to that moment or year. For me this is doubly true with music that defines summers. Listening to a "summer song" in the middle of winter, or even when I'm having a bad day, can bring me back to all those good, warm memories and help ground me. Are there any songs like that for you? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Woot! I'm so glad you've joined in, Sam! You've got some great picks - I adore all of these songs. :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for hosting! I've been wanting to link up for a while but I hadn't had any music that really moved me until recently.

  2. I love Imagine Dragons' new album sooo much.
    I like Ed Sheeran's songs in general but this one is not for me. I prefer stuff like Shape of You.
    Coldplay is one of my favorite band and when I say they did a song with the Chainsmokers I was SO excited. I really like this song.

    1. It's so great! Lol for Ed Sheeran we're opposites; I enjoy his voice overall tbh. And he seems like a nice guy, at least from what I've heard.
      I'm not a huge Chainsmokers fan but I think this is definitely one of their better songs and Coldplay makes everything better.

  3. Heya!

    YES YES YES! We have very similar music tastes! I adore most of the new Imagine Dragons album, I really hope to see them live!
    This is also one of my favorite Ed Sheeran songs!
    However this isn't my favorite Coldplay song - I'm a fan of theirs and I feel like the Chainsmokers took over it a bit much. But taking it aways from the artist, it is a nice song!

    Caroline @ Just Another Bookish Blog

    1. Imagine Dragons would be so awesome to see live!

      I do agree it sounds less like Coldplay normally does but I think it's the lyrics that really got me once I started listening.

      Always love talking to someone with similar music tastes!


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