Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TV Review: Westworld, Season 1

This is one of those hard stories to talk about, because if I say too much I could ruin the whole thing, so I will tread carefully. Also, a warning for those interested in the show: there's a lot of nudity. Not sexual nudity, per se, but nudity. Like, you get the chance to see nearly every character nearly full-frontal, and several of them full-frontal. If you're uncomfortable with that don't watch it because it will make you uncomfortable.

First of all, I see why so many people enjoyed it. It's a solid story backed with an amazing cast, shot beautifully, and full of fan theory potential. Plus, with the final episode it answers all the big questions you had all along, and then asks new ones we have to wait TWO YEARS to see answered since it won't be back until at least 2018.

I can't say much about the plot, though I wish I could discuss it in depth here. I don't even know where I would start with that, though. There are several interesting and important threads laid out in the very first episode and while many of them do end up intersecting, they don't all necessarily. I will say if you're not taken in the first episode by the plot, because it seems repetitive and like it's not going anywhere, stick around until at least episode three. Things really pick up there and stuff stops sticking to a formula.

The first thing that I loved when I watched the first episode was the cast. They are amazing! Every single member blew me out of the water, I was in such awe of them. Like, seriously, even if the show was bad they would have made it good. Since it was already a great show it became amazing because of the talent collected here. Everyone was perfectly cast and I loved everyone, even the ones I hated. Each member was able to make you feel something for them- whether that was disgust, horror, love, sympathy, awe, or something in between all of that- and I can easily say that I will never forget a single one of them they're imprinted that strongly, emotionally, on my mind.

As for the beautiful cinematography- all you can do is watch and see for yourself how beautiful everything is. From the harsh metals and dark lights of the industrial half of the park, to the open spaces and historical(ish) details of the "westworld" every single shot was gorgeous. If you get a chance to watch on a big screen I strongly recommend because you won't be disappointed in the least.

TL;DR? If you have the chance to watch this, jump on that opportunity because you won't regret it. The story, cast, and cinematography were all out of this world, and this is certainly not a show to be underestimated.


  1. I tried watching the first episode and a half of the next, but I couldn't quite get into it. Hm. I still like this case -- methinks I should be giving it another go!

    1. I would say try to make it through episode three and if you still don't like it it's not worth continuing.

  2. Great review! I definitely want to try this. Have you ever seen the movie? I love the Westworld movie. :)

    1. I haven't seen the movie but now I really want to! Next time I stop by my library I'm going to look for it.


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