Thursday, October 19, 2017


Bad news, likely. It's official: I'm taking the rest of the term off from blogging and that, to put it plainly, sucks. Sucks for you and sucks for me. I expect to be back mid-to-late November and I hope to have a bunch of reviews written in advance so I can start posting them. What it comes down to is that school has kept me too busy to really keep posting decent content. I do recommend that you follow me on Instagram (where I'll be pretty active still) and Twitter (where I'm less active but always reachable). See you all on the other side!


  1. I'm sure we all understand! School always comes first. I've been fairly sparse when it comes to posting lately as well, so I definitely get it! I hope the rest of your semester goes well!

  2. Your course work definitely comes first! See you around. :)

  3. Hey, take care of yourself, okay? School is important, but be sure that you find time just for self-care. Sending you all the positive vibes.


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