Monday, March 16, 2015

Quick Review: Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-3)

Watch| Netflix
Starring| Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope); Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson); Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate); Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer); Aziz Ansari (Tom Haverford); Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins); Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt); Rob Lowe (Chris Traeger); Paul Schneider (Mark Brandanawicz)
Rating| B-

I have been binge-watching this show for about two weeks and flying through it.  I had to force myself to stop after season three in order to catch up on my other responsibilities.  Honestly, I like the show.  It's not my all time favorite or anything, but it's like a bag of skittles.  Short, sweet, and sugary.

Because the show is so character driven, rather than do a proper review, I'll review each character individually.  On one overall note, though, I like how there's a consistent story line.  I think it's one that may be missed were I not binge-watching it, and had I watched the show live, I would have given it up in season three.

Leslie Knope: At first I didn't really like her extreme optimism and air-headed nature, but over time, getting to know all facets of her character, I think she's sweet and would love to be friends with her.

Ron Swanson: Easily my favorite character.  He's funny, gruff, and scary looking.  The best thing about him- he's a nice guy.  It seems almost a paradox for this type of character, but I love it.  I love how he sticks up for Leslie and really cares about his staff.

April Ludgate: Another favorite.  I feel like everybody is a little bit of April inside, they just choose to bottle it up.  She may not be funny all on her own, but put in situations with others she brings out the best in them.

Andy Dwyer: I may have started watching this show for him... but I really have come to enjoy Andy.  Mostly, I love his and April's relationship.  It's adorable and something I want someday- unconditional.

Tom Haverford: I hated, hated, hated Tom when he was first introduced.  He was a bully.  But then, I came to love him.  I can't pinpoint where that shift was, but over time, he quickly grew on me.  I respect both the character and the actor a lot more now.

Ann Perkins: Whereas many of the characters I couldn't stand at first and then came to love, Ann was the opposite.  Seasons one and two she's fine, but in season three she's a drag.  I don't like where her character went and I don't like the role she plays.

Ben Wyatt: He's absolutely adorable and perfect for Leslie.  Must I say anything else?

Chris Traeger: I expected to hate him, but as soon as he was in an episode I loved him.  He brightens up the show and helps stir things up.

Mark Brandanawicz: I really don't like Mark.  I think he's a jerk and I think when they tried to make him a nice guy in season two it made him a wet blanket.  Basically, I'm sooo glad he's off the show.

So yeah, those are my thoughts.  I want to know what you guys think about the show, too, so leave a comment below!

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