Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Recently Added to My TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  It's a weekly meme where you share what books relate to the theme.  This week is books recently added to my TBR.  I'm going off of my Goodreads TBR because that's really the only cohesive list I keep.  On my list the most recent is number one, and the least recent number ten.  Off we go!

10. The Scroll of Years
I saw a really good review for this series recently and thought it sounded like my cup of tea.  I don't really know much of what this is about, though.  I don't know when I plan to buy/read this, but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

9. Daughter of the Sword
Well, first of all, this cover is beautiful.  And the title, pretty cool as well.  I think this is an urban fantasy set in Tokyo, so that's a recipe for success.  I do plan on picking this one up rather soon and hopefully diving in quickly.  Knowing myself, though, it will probably just sit on my shelf for a while.

8. Trick of the Light
Honesty hour: I don't actually remember why I put this one on my list.  It sounds like a pretty standard urban fantasy and I like the cover, but it's nothing special.  I trust myself, though, and look forward to reading this some day.

7. The Better Part of Darkness
This cover is gorgeous.  I love it.  Pretty much the reason I put this one on my TBR list.

6. Duke by Day, Rogue by Night
Well, historical romance is my newest guilty pleasure, so it shouldn't be surprising that at least one shows up on this list.  Katherine Bone follows me on twitter (I'm pretty sure she used to at least) and I love the sound of her books.  I haven't purchased this yet only because I'm on a book buying ban.  This will be one of the first I pick up once I can start spending again.

5. The Clone Republic
This one has just completely entranced me.  It just sounds so bad ass.  I really am dying to get to this one and will *hopefully* get to it next month.

4. Inda
I like big books and I cannot lie.  And, I'm pretty sure, this one is about the size of a brick.  I've heard really good things about this on Youtube, so I thought, why not?

3. Ice Kissed
I like Amanda Hocking and I love the sound of this book.  I know it's a sequel, but I'm interested enough to start from the beginning.

2. The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell
I was actually surprised to see that this wasn't on my TBR list earlier.  I've always intended to get to this series.

1. Storm
I love this cover so so so much.  And I loved the first book in this trilogy.  I need to get to the sequel and then this one when it comes out.  This is a great series that features Japanese mythology, so I recommend.


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