Sunday, March 15, 2015

TV Review: Constantine (Season 1)

Watch| NBC
Starring| Matt Ryan (John Constantine); Harold Perrineau (Manny); Angélica Celaya (Zed Martin); Charles Hatford (Chas Chandler)
Rating| B
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This is just going to be a quick review, but I wanted to get my thoughts out.  I really am a fan of the show and of the comics it's adapted from, and I think the show deserves a better chance than just one season cut off prematurely.

It's not unlike many shows on TV right now, though, which is a liability.  Were it unique it would stand a better chance.  Or, were it on a different channel.  I don't think NBC has given it the appropriate opportunity to thrive.  Not to be harsh on NBC, because I do like them as a channel, but this show doesn't really fit there.  Maybe AMC would have been better?  But I digress.

As I've said before, I think the casting is spot on.  With every word Ryan is able to imbue himself with the character of John Constantine.  They really couldn't have found a better guy to play this part.  As for Celaya, I think she's a great Zed.  I'm not a big Zed fan in regards to the comics, but I think that her portrayal is the much needed update to the character and I absolutely love her.  I also think she's one of the prettiest people on TV right now.  Hopefully, if this show does tank, she'll be scooped up for something great soon.

The general plot of the season felt wrong, but only because it was cut off too soon.  With their limited run, you could tell that the producers and writers were just putting a taste of everything into the season in hope of enticing a second one.  But that being said, it detracted from the overall enjoyment of the show.

As a fan of Hellblazer I could tell what stories they were adapting in particular for episodes.... and I loved how they did it!  They managed to keep the integrity of the story and still make it exciting and fresh.  So many characters are dead by the time Hellblazer starts and this show manages to make them live and gives me hope for many of them.

I'm giving this star a B for all the kinks it has had.  However, with all its problems, it has done a pretty good job of cleaning up and coming out as best as possible.  Kudos to them.

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