Monday, January 19, 2015

Quick Review: Constantine Vol. 2- The Devil You Know

Author| (mainly) Jamie Delano
Edition| Paperback
Genre| Comics (Mature Audiences)
Rating| 3 1/2 stars
Other Reviews| Episodes 1-8

I forgot how strange these comics can get.  In particular "On the Beach" really threw me off.  I get that it's trying to make a statement (there are several instances of that in this one) and I applaud it's forcefulness.  It is very clear, though, that this is for mature readers.  If you're not okay with really strange, mind bending, bizarre things that make you feel VERY uncomfortable afterwards, or graphic(ish) sex, don't pick this up.  You won't really like it.

This edition picks up right after the first one, which was nice, and Delano's writing continues to warm my heart.  For fans of the show, you'll enjoy learning about what happened at Newcastle.  Which I really did enjoy.  It's not easy to explain and I hope that the show does it justice.

As for the final two chapters, the pieces from "The Horrorist", I loved them.  They were unique and brought John to a place that I really liked.  It again is a little strange and sends a resounding message, but it almost worth the whole collection combined.

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