Saturday, January 3, 2015

Book Review: The Enchanted (a novel)

Author| Rene Denfeld
Edition| Kindle eBook
Genre| Adult Magical Realism/Whimsical
Rating| 4.5 stars

Right off the bat I want to let you all know this is definitely for mature readers.  It's pitched at adults and is, in itself, very adult.  Many of the elements can serve as triggers to anyone dealing with abuse or rape or other related elements, and if you don't feel comfortable reading about things like this, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK.

Now, are we all clear?

The writing is beautiful.  That's what sucked me in immediately.  A lot of the story is actually told between the lines and things aren't shouted out for the reader to gather.  Rather, we have to piece together back story.  Some things are left out intentionally, which makes them seem even more horrific.

This book has a very simple premise.  The Lady works with lawyers to try and get inmates off of death row.  She's hired to help a man, York, who doesn't want to be helped.  Also in the prison are a Fallen Priest and an unnamed narrator.  That's all I'll tell you because you're better off not knowing anything else.  This story is unlike anything that I have read, and I'm willing to bet, unlike anything a lot of other people have read as well.

The only reason this book didn't get a five star review was because I called the twist halfway through.  I have no idea how or why, but the idea popped in my head, and for the rest of the book I just went through thinking it was true, and at the end when it was revealed as true, I didn't get that last final bang.  I'm still kicking myself for messing up like that.

I know for certain that anything else this author writes I will be picking up immediately.

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