Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Book Scavenger Hunt

This is part of the Chicken-Challenge, a read-along and challenge hosted by Lys from The Mad Reader. This is the challenge I was most excited to do for the whole event (I'll admit maybe that's because I helped create it but also because it sounds like so much fun!) and since I didn't have the time to do every challenge I made sure this was one that I could do for sure.

The Rules: You have 2 minutes to think of as many books as you can corresponding to the categories given. 


Books with Royalty
Lunar Chronicles
Heir of Fire

Books with Murder
Throne of Glass

Books with an Unexpected Love Story
Shadow and Bone

Books with a Female Friendship
Lady Midnight
Queen of Shadows

Books with at Least One Animal Pet
Crown of Midnight
City of Bones

Books with Travels
Six of Crows

Books with Covers that Don't Match the Interior
Hunger Games

Books with a lot of Food
The Crown's Game

Books You Can't Read Outside (and give a reason)

Books with Illnesses
The Movie Version

This was so much harder than I thought but I had a lot of fun doing it! Two minutes is really fast and I just kinda froze as I was doing it and would just stare at the words and not comprehend, LOL. Great game!


  1. I could answer Game of Thrones for a lot of these lmao

    1. OHMYGOD I didn't even think of that series my mind just went absolutely and completely blank. What happened to me? LOL

  2. I didn't do this one, but the categories are great!

    1. Aren't they pretty cool? It was so much fun!


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