Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Star Spoiler Review: Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass, #5)

Author: Sarah J Maas
WebsiteTwitterInstagramEdition: Hardcover
Buy Links: Amazon - Barnes and Noble - Book DepositoryGoodreadsRelated Reviews: The Assassin's Blade - Throne of Glass - Crown of Midnight - Heir of Fire - Queen of ShadowsRating: 5 Stars
There will be SPOILERS for this book and all the books in the series. If you want to see my non-spoiler review, you can find it HERE.
This is mostly going to be about me talking about my thoughts on the ending. I had constant thoughts while reading this book, but my strongest ones definitely came at the close of the novel when everything is finally revealed.

First of all: Aelin and her fate. Well, I wasn't completely surprised, because she is the main character, but I was surprised that it was kept a secret for so long! And I was surprised by how well Aelin was taking the whole thing. And I was surprised that Rowan and Lysandra knew and they were taking it as well as they were. But now maybe Dorian will have that fate??? Nope, I'm not okay with anyone dying, not at all.

Rowan as king. This was the least surprising of all the twists, perhaps because it seems like something Aelin was always planning to do no matter what. And that's all I have to say about that. 

Aedion & Lysandra & THAT PLAN. I was mad. I was really mad about the plan. I don't like that Lysandra and Rowen went behind Aedion's back especially since he was integral and they more or less would be using him and his body. And that's just creepy to me. Aedion has every right to be angry and I almost don't want him and Lysandra to get back together.

The next book. Like what the hell! Is the next book going to be a thousand pages (actually, kinda hope it will) and what's going to happen! If it sounds like I'm screeching these questions, it's because I am because I just do not know and I need to know.

Galan & Ansel & The Silent Assassins. All of them at once! Whoop! I was at the library reading and I just kinda got up and walked around because I couldn't contain my excitement. I can't wait to see where all these characters go in the next book and I kind of want novella's about all of them (particularly Ansel) now.

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