Friday, September 23, 2016

5 Star Reread Reaction: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)

Author: Sarah J Maas
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: 5 Stars
Beware of SPOILERS for the series.

Third time's the charm! Actually, not really because I've pretty much always loved this book (surprised? didn't think so). While this is my third reread, it's only my first time rereading it knowing what happens in the next book. Which is actually huge! And it changed the way I read this book. Specifically, it changed the way I viewed Rowan and Aelin's relationship specifically. I'd never been that strong of a shipper for Rowaelin when I read this one, but now, knowing that they are the ship of the series, I do really appreciate their beginnings in this book.

The Secret of the Maps! There is something in the maps that has been staring at us from the very first book and I can't believe I just realized it! What am I talking about? So, there are little tower markers on the map at both Amaroth and Noll. And what's at both of these locations? The other towers that the king built with the wyrd key. I kid you not they have been marked on the map the whole time! There's nothing marking Rifthold, but we're told pretty plainly in the first book that there's a tower there, though we don't know what it means. Just food for thought. Did you notice it? Am I late to the game?

Reincarnation theory. Have you seen this one floating around? It's basically the idea that all the major players in the book are reincarnated from the legendary characters (like Gavin or Brannon). I wasn't too sure about this theory until my reread and I'm starting to wonder about it... The idea holds that Celaena is Brannon reincarnated and, honestly, there's some weight behind the idea.

WhiteTHorn and not WhiteHorn. This one is actually kinda embarrassing. I always thought Rowan's last name was WhiteHorn but realized that it's actually WhiteTHorn. LOL can't believe I did that.

The ending is what cements this as my favorite book in the series (so far). I mean, so much happens so quickly and I love it. Also, poor Dorian (my precious bby).

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