Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wrap Up (The One Where Nanowrimo Has Started)

I'm low-key participating in Nano this year by working on editing my current WIP (which you can always learn more about at my side blog here if you're interested). Step one, which will probably only take half the month, is to change everything from first person to third person, which sounds like a headache but is actually pretty easy and a nice way to reread the work. Step two, which will take me pretty far past the end of the month is to fix all the continuity errors and answer some questions I've been asking myself about the story as I reread. And then it'll be ship shape to send to people to read! But that's still a few months away so lots of work left.

On another note, I have finals in two weeks. Which seems far away, yes? Well, being as I am, I have all my studying planned out already and that's something every day I need to study. Something everyday for two weeks. I'm groaning internally right now. But first, I need to finish writing this 6-8 page paper. For some reason I'm having a major writers block with it and it's stressing me out quite a bit, which is why I've been a little quieter on social media than I would like to be. I'll probably be quieter for the rest of the month, or at least until finals are over, but by no means do I want to take a break from either twitter or the blog.

Book News
First of all, Tor published a wonderful article about Ginny Weasley that I strongly recommend reading. I've always been a Ginny fan and I love what they've done. Check it out here!
In a not-book-related moment, Michael Emerson (aka Ben from Lost and one of my favorite characters of all times) spoke about what the ending of Lost meant. It was more or less how I had interpreted the ending myself, but him confirming it is pretty cool. I recommend checking it out here, but beware of spoilers if you haven't watched the show.
And can we talk about Beauty and the Beast for a minute? Those pictures! That cover! THAT DRESS! I am so ready for this movie it's not even funny. And did you hear that she's getting a backstory in this one? She's going to be an inventor alongside her father and I am so here for it. This movie is going to be so great!
Barnes and Noble picked some top reads for November and I think some of them sound pretty good. I'd recommend checking out this list if you're looking for SF&F and you can find it here.

Now, this one pisses me off, but I needed to mention it: Johnny Depp is in Fantastic Beasts. I have been looking forward to this movie, and this movie series, for a long time (since it was announced more or less) and I didn't think anything could stop my excitement. Well, something did. I can't stand Johnny Depp. At all. I've never been a huge fan of his acting, and I didn't like that he was cast as Tonto in the Lone Ranger movie years ago (for obvious reasons), and now that it's been confirmed he's a domestic abuser I hate him even more. He and his actions were disgusting and I don't want to give him anymore of my money (not that he got much of it in the first place). But having to choose between Harry Potter and Johnny Depp? That breaks my heart. I'm going to see Fantastic Beasts because he's only got a cameo and if I didn't see it, well, it might ruin me a bit since I've been hyping it in my head for so long. After that, if he stays as a main character for the franchise? Well, I probably won't see the films, at least in theater. I'll wait for them to show up as rentals when he'll get less of a check when I choose it. I hope there's a clause in his contract so they can dump him from the franchise because, personally, I find it completely inappropriate that for such a beloved franchise someone who goes against all those things it stands for can be cast. And, sure, he was probably cast and filmed before any of this came out. I'm not mad they didn't have foresight. I'm mad that he's still, now, going to be in the movies. Your move Warner Bros.

And the last hot topic for the week: The Continent. Did you hear the stirrings in tumblr this week? The Continent is a book coming out next year which is a dystopian/scifi survival story where there are the rich and privileged living in one part of the world, and the savage and poor living on a continent. The rich go to watch the savages fight as a form of entertainment. Sounds like a fine novel, right? Well, it's racist. At least, that's what people who have ARCs have been saying. Painting Natives as savages is absolutely disgusting and a step too far and something that shouldn't be published. And all reports coming out have been saying this is the case. I wish I knew who had brought it to the attention of the community because I want to know more, out of sheer curiosity of how this sort of thing could make it so far as to be a book. Well, the obvious answer is ignorance, obviously, but beyond that I'm curious. Now, I don't have an early copy of the book, so I can't confirm these things for myself, but I don't know if I really need to. If people are saying it's offensive and racist why wouldn't I believe them? And so I am. However, I want to know this: how does the book end? Is it, perhaps, a book where it sets up the native characters as savages and then we, and the narrator, get to realize, hell, this is wrong, something needs to be done. Is it a commentary on society? This is my question. I haven't seen anything to make me believe this is the case, so I'm going to go with it's a racist and ignorant book. But I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I wonder if that was the original intention. If anyone can answer this question for me PLEASE DO because I'm honestly curious if anyone else thinks this may have been what was trying to get across. Everything I've seen on twitter has had to do only with early chapters which are indeed very offensive. But is it a commentary? Just some thoughts for everyone.

Finished this Week
Nothing, again, but I'm not too mad about it. I have a good feeling about this month.

Currently Reading
The same as last week ;)

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And one last reminder: there are about two weeks left in my MeltingLibrary candles giveaway! I love these candles so much and light one every time I get back after classes. They're relaxing and transport me to fictional worlds!

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  1. I have a lot of opinions about The Continent. But I'd prefer not to express them here. I'll probably DM you on twitter or something, because I feel it's really important to understand what exactly happened.

    I, in fact, do have a copy of the book.

    1. Forgot to mention: yes, it is a commentary on society.

  2. How did I miss all that about The Continent?? I'd definitely like to find out more myself either way.

    I'm dying for Beauty and the Beast!! And that was an excellent Ginny article!

    1. LOL how did you miss all the Continent talk?

      That movie is going to be so good! And yes, love to see love for Ginny!


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