Thursday, November 10, 2016

DC Read-through

This is going to be a a short introduction post to something I'll be working on for the rest of the year. The other day I got a download from Netgalley that's more or less a magazine of all the finest graphic novels DC Comics has to offer. Me, being a fan of graphic novels in general, decided to make a list of all the ones I wanted to read by this time next year. And I figured, why not share some of that list with you. I'll be posting these reviews pretty regularly and I'll be reviewing them with a certain slant in mind: whether someone new to graphic novels and DC comics pick these up as a starting point.

There were some rules I put into place when creating the list.
1) No New 52. I've read a fair share of it, and besides Batgirl I can't really stomach what comes out of this series. So, skipping that.
2) No rereading. This is all new too me as well.
3) One book every twenty days or so. That's to keep me consistent in my reviewing.
4) If it's the first of the series and I want to continue with the series I can, but those reviews won't be part of this read-through.
5) No two batman graphic novels in a row, because there are a lot on this list and I'm not a huge batman comics fan.

Feel free to read along with me! The first book I'm reading is Watchmen, with a review slated for the 21st, I believe. After that I'll be digging into The Dark Knight Returns.


  1. I haven't read much of DC comics, but Watchmen is great. I have read some Hellblazer which started on DC. :)

    1. So far I'm really enjoying it more than I thought! Oh, yes, I love Hellblazer. I've only read a couple volumes but it's great


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