Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wrap Up (The One Where Many Things, Including the Presidency, Are Decided)

For me this week has been incredibly hard to get through. I think this is the same for many people. Donald Trump, a name many of us laughed at when we first heard he was tossing his hat into the ring two years ago, is now President-Elect and the future does not look bright. I stayed up all night to watch the election, fairly certain Hillary Clinton would be taking home the honors, but as the night crept on and the polls closed dread grew until, finally, it was announced that my fears were coming true. The next day three of my classes were cancelled and I skipped the fourth. I stayed inside and watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, studied for finals, and cried on and off. I'm actually getting overwhelmed writing this post. The next day I went to my one class, ate lunch like a normal person, and then retreated to watch more LOTR and read. I have done so much reading to escape reality lately. Yesterday things were more normal. Today I actually exerted a bit, went on a shopping spree with friends, and actually had a good time. Every day is going to get easier, but I think there will always be a little bit of tension under the skin for quite some time.

I considered taking a break from blogging. I haven't felt the need to blog. I haven't felt the urge or the passion for it. It's similar to how I feel when I'm depressed, but this time it's not just me but, seemingly, the whole country. My whole school, for sure. Everyone here is reeling. But I'm not going to let this beat me out of blogging. This week I was quiet, which allowed me to take stock, and even though I posted some things they aren't my finest posts. Here's what I have decided:

No more instagram. I really love the idea of instagram, but I have neither the time nor the talent to push out things that I enjoy regularly. So I've deleted my account. I may, in a year or so, end up creating a personal account, but that's to be seen still. 

More twitter. I do like twitter even though it can get combative, and I want to continue making friends on there. This week I haven't logged on (except to talk to people through DM) since Tuesday evening. However, I have been posting a lot of pictures of digital fish. It's from an app called Abyssrium (strongly recommend because it helps reduce stress which is why I've been playing it ALOT) and the amount of digital fish will soon be going down and I will soon be returning to the regular sorts of things I post.

My other blogs. I actually have two other blogs, one of them newer, that you may not know about. This blog here is my baby, more or less, and I put the most work and effort into it. I wouldn't have it any other way because I love spending time on this blog and in this community the most. But I do have two other blogs and I wanted to bring them to your attention again, which I do on occasion, because why not. First, my writing blog, called, at the moment, The Motley Bird, but which title changes a lot. I talk about writing and personal things, like depression or anxiety, there. There's no regular schedule for it, just when I feel the urge, but I try to post at least once a month. It's an interesting place. My other blog is newer, and it's my try at a lifestyle blog. It's called My Work in Progress Life. That will be, again, a personal blog, but it's more for chatting my lifestyle and aesthetic and is for fun more than anything else. Check them out if you're interested.

Book News
I've been out of touch with the community this week because of the election, so if I missed anything big (or small) let me know in the comments!

Currently Reading
Same as last two weeks ;)

Finished this Week
Something Strange and Deadly (review coming this week), The Ugly Teapot (review coming this week), and Noragami Vol. 17 were all finished this week.

Last Week
Thursday-- DC Read-through
*there was supposed to be a discussion on Sunday but I ran out of time and didn't feel as passionate about the subject as I once did. there may come a time when I want to discuss it and I shall.

This Week
Monday-- Book Review
Wednesday-- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday-- College Journey
Friday-- Book Review
Saturday-- Wrap Up

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  1. I was absolutely in shock too...

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your review of The Ugly Teapot! :)


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