Monday, August 22, 2016

The Summer Reader Book Tag

I was tagged by the marvelous Lys from The Mad Reader to do this and I'm super excited to get into it! This tag was originally created by IslandofBooks
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1. Lemonade: Pick a book that started off bitter and got better
I'm going to go with The Bane Chronicles for this one. I'm a huge fan of these books in general, and even though I love Magnus to death, the first two or three of the stories in this collection just didn't delight me as much as the rest did. The first time I tried to read it I put it down and didn't pick it back up for a long time, but I'm glad I continued to read it because it was so good after those first three!

2. Golden Sun: Pick a book that made you smile beyond compare
Okay, it's not a book it's a manga, but Horimiya has me smiling the whole way through. It's such an adorable series about two students who have a certain image at school, but a completely different one when they're home and when they both figure out what the other person is actually like they start falling in love and it's so cute! 10/10 would recommend this series!

3. Tropical Flowers: Pick a book set in a foreign country
Okay... so it's not a country but it's certainly foreign... I'm going with The Martian! Yes, it's set on Mars, but hey, how much more foreign can you get than outer space?

4. Tree Shade: Pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced
Rook! Basically everyone in this book is hiding something and the whole plot is built on wondering who can be trusted. A lovely read, I highly recommend if you're looking for something different.

5. Beach Sand: Pick a book that was grainy and the plot barely developed
I'm going to pick Seeker for this one. There was some sort of a plot and things did happen, but there wasn't really any developing because suddenly there was action a and then without any prompting or natural movement towards action b would just happen. Not a fun read.

6. Green Grass: Pick a character(s) that were full of life, making you smile
Ah this is so hard there are so many! Well, I'm going to go with three characters from the same series (and don't think I don't love all the characters in this series I just don't want to go overboard haha): Vin, Elend, and Kelsier from the Mistborn series. Ugh they were so vibrant they just came off the page! Love them all dearly.

7. Watermelon: Pick a book that had some juicy secrets
The Queen's Thief series! I've only read the first two, The Thief and The Queen of Attolia, but the former was told from the viewpoint of an unreliable narrator and the latter has quite a bit of trickery going on near the end. Beautiful, beautiful books.

8. Sun Hat: Pick a book that had a vast, bug universe/setting
Six of Crows is part of quite the large world and I loved that there was so much to explore. I hope Leigh Bardugo keeps returning to this world so that I can explore every corner of it!

9. BBQ: Pick a book in which a character is portrayed as a hunk
This one was kinda hard, and hopefully this character isn't a spoiler (he's introduced later in the book... but his existence isn't a spoiler I don't think?), but I'm going to choose Nyphron from Age of Myth. He's not a main character, but, and maybe I'm wrong, I always pictured him like a hunk.

10. Summer Fun: Pass the tag on!
So, I'm not sure who has been tagged, so if I don't tag you and you want to do it, please do!
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  1. Okay, you made me curious about Rook and The Queen's Thief ! Six of Crows is definitely one of the biggest surprise of the year, I didn't thing she could pull off a story set in the same world but so different from the Grisha Trilogy. I'm anxious about Crooked Kingdom, though.

    1. Rook was pretty good! It was a nice surprise since I'm not normally a huge dystopian fan, but it almost seemed more steampunk than dystopian. Queen's Thief played with my head so bad it was awesome! Such a good story.

      I'm really eager for Crooked Kingdoms! I actually read Six of Crows before Grisha, which is backwards and I definitely missed some stuff, so I think I'm going to reread it after I finish Ruin and Rising and before I read Crooked Kingdoms.

  2. So many here that I need to read - I read one of The Bane Chronicles stories when it was free online and I wasn't all that impressed. He's one of my favorites in the series, so I'll still read through all of them but that was kind of disappointing.

    1. There are some that are disappointing, but once he starts interacting with Shadowhunters they get so much better. Did you hear about the fact that they're writing a Magnus Bane trilogy? I'm fairly excited but also worried it might ruin the character...

  3. Thanks for the tag, Sam! I got Seeker last month from a giveaway. I'm definitely keeping your thoughts on that one. But I most likely won't be reading it any time soon. AND I really NEED to read Six of Crows. I never finished the Grisha Trilogy but I'm really excited to read Six of Crows (heard they weren't completely connected aside from the world?).

    1. No they're not that connected you can definitely read one without the other! I had only read Shadow and Bone before I read Six of Crows and I still loved it! You'll definitely enjoy it :)


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