Monday, October 10, 2016

Mini-Review: In Search of Lost Dragons

Author: Elian Black'mor
Artist: Carine M
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: 3.5 Stars
This is a book I was rather excited for ever since seeing it on someone's youtube channel (forgive me I don't remember who's). It's meant to be the journal of a french explorer who goes looking for dragons and finds them. It's filled to the brim with gorgeous artwork that is meant to depict his travels and it's the art that really does capture the eye of the reader.

The story itself is slim and fleeting and a hard to follow. Part of this I want to blame on the translation, not because it was a bad translation, but because things are often lost this way and in a book where every word really counts if even one meaning is lost it can be difficult to appreciate it. Another problem was the set up of the book, which didn't really make it easy to understand how much time was passing or when things were written. Only every once in a while would something be dated making it hard to figure out if things were meant to be done in chronology or not. Additionally, while the dragons are incredibly pretty to look at I would have loved to see some pictures of the people because I couldn't picture anyone and that was getting on my nerves, to be completely honest.

Overall, I don't really recommend buying this book since it's pretty expensive. If you can, check it out from your local library to enjoy the absolutely stunning art and somewhat interesting story. I think I spent most of my time with this book just petting the pretty pictures and that was worth the time invested even if it wasn't worth the money.


  1. The cover looks stunning and the premise sounds really cool. Too bad it wasn't that great in the end.

    For the Melting Library candle giveaway, Trees Speak Latin looks like a good one if it's still available. :)

    1. If you get the chance to read it at the library I strongly recommend flipping through because it's beautiful... just a waste of money lol.

      OOOO That one sounds delightful! I've been wavering on whether I should pick that one up myself.

      Best of luck to you!


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