Saturday, March 11, 2017

March Wrap Up #1

I am in the mist of finals which is why I've been silent lately. I'm not too worried or stressed about any of them, but they do take time to study for, so I haven't been reading or blogging much. I have been spending a lot of time with friends, which has been relaxing and a nice return to normal, and I've also been watching a lot of TV. I'm knee deep into season two of the Magicians and I still love it so much! I also managed to watch Logan twice, loved it so much both times!, and finished The OA, which was also amazing.

Finished This Month
Alanna: The First Adventure
It's a nice short read that one of my friends has been telling me to get to forever and I honestly enjoyed it more than I thought.

Currently Reading
The Book Thief
It's the book I picked for the book club I'm in and I'm rather enjoying it! It's slow and heavy, and probably not the best reading material for finals, but it's rather good.

This Month So Far
It's been a slow month for posting, because it's been a slow month for reading. Once finals are over I'll have the week for spring break and my course load for next term is rather light so things should be turning up around here pretty soon.

Coming Soon
As always, this is somewhat tentative and don't be surprised if more things are posted.
March 17 -- Review of Alanna
March 21 -- Review of Bull
March 23 -- College Journey


  1. I'm a bit behind on season 2 of The Magicians - but I think I'll catch up in the next couple of days!

    1. I hope you enjoy it! It's definitely different from last season, though just as good, I would say.

  2. Good luck on finals! Also it's great to have you back :)


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