Wednesday, April 18, 2018

March & April (So Far) Wrap Up + Updates

Hello everyone! Look at me, actually on top of my game recently and posting regularly. Who'd have thought? In my last update I talked about how I've been away from home and how that hasn't resulted in stress, exactly, it has resulted in my time being taken up by different things. Well, that flipped didn't it? I've actually been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety at the moment, and while that hasn't kept me from posting or reading it has made it harder, which is why I'm doubly proud of myself for posting and interacting as much as I have. Classes are done for me and I've only got one essay left (due early next month so there's plenty of time) and now that I've let myself unwind I am feeling pretty relaxed and overall enjoying the nice weather and free time. (I've also been writing again but there's not much to say on that front... yet.)

Honestly things have been pretty low-key and I have little to report on the personal front except that I'm seriously homesick for my bookshelves. But there are a lot of changes-- or should I say new features?-- coming to the blog and I couldn't be more excited!
First up is my lovely new star rating system. Look at these:
Don't you love them? Because I do. I know, they aren't that different from my previous ones but they're fresh to me and I really needed some freshness. I also think I finally have a decent way to describe what each rating means rather than the general wishy-washy way I've kinda been approaching ratings.
5 stars -- This book is amazing you should go read it immediately
4 stars -- Very good; definitely add it to your TBR
3 stars -- It's not a waste of time to read but I wouldn't recommend you hurry towards it
2 stars -- Don't bother unless you were seriously interested in it
1 star -- Pretty much a waste of time and likely a problematic book
So, yeah, there you go, if you were wondering exactly what my ratings mean.

I'm also going to try my hand at reviewing films again. Possibly some television shows as well. Don't expect to see these that often because I still want it to be mainly a book blog, but I love movies (I am getting part of my degree in Film Studies) and I want to talk about them more. I would say you can probably expect about one a month, possibly two, and the first one will likely be a review of Infinity War.

As you may have noticed I've been partaking in Top Ten Tuesdays again, and in the spirit of bringing back more community and more memes, and just differentiating the posts in general, I'll be bringing back First Impression Fridays, but in a different form. Don't know what that is? Yes, well, I think it deserves a longer explanation and that will be coming next month when I launch it again.

There are also two new book review features/series coming to the blog, both of which will get their own posts dedicated to explaining what they are and why I'm doing them. Suffice it to say I've already gotten knee deep into the first one and I can't wait to share it with all of you. Not to be a tease, but the first of these features is called "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" and the second is called "Famously Bad". TU/TD will probably be posted late this month or early next month, though Famously Bad might still be a bit away since I can only read so quickly.

So, yeah, get excited!

Recent TV
Lucifer -- yes, this is my absolute obsession at the moment. Please, please, please let there be a season four. I binged through this series much faster than I should have and now I'm watching weekly. I will say that I remember this show has new episodes at the most uncanny times. Two episodes ago I was in the midst of total creative meltdown and at the last minute remembered Lucifer had a new episode: it totally refreshed me. Yesterday, after having an anxiety attack and then hand tremors (I think because I hadn't eaten all day and had just kinda forgotten about eating in general), I was struck with this show again and got to end the day on such a good note. Basically, this show is just my everything. Still not sure I would recommend it in general, though, because there still are a lot of issues in the cop aspect of things.
Outlander -- I'm nearly done with season one and I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. It's a beautifully shot show, and the characters are finally growing on me, but there are things that are keeping me from getting 100% invested in it. I think I may end up reviewing this one.

Norse Mythology
The Penelopiad
Sandman Slim
The Girl of Ink and Stars

Currently Reading
I'm nearly done with The Eye of the Queen by Phillip Mann (in fact I may finish today). I'm also just past the halfway point in listening to Tess of the Road on audible.

Upcoming Reads
Next I'll be diving into an ARC of From the Earth to the Shadows by Amanda Hocking. After that I have Jackaby in mind because it's been on my kindle for ages, everyone seems to love it, and it sounds like a good spring/summer read; I also plan to pick up Leviathan Wakes, the longest book I'll have read in a while; reread Caraval before Legendary comes out; and get through two more ARCs I've got: Starlings and West. After all that hopefully I'll actually finally read Tower of Dawn. One can dream, can't they?

Alright, thanks for sticking with me for such a long wrap up this time! I doubt next time will be this long (finger's crossed I'll be home next time I check in here). You can expect to see me posting regularly these next couple days and weeks. Merry reading!

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