Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Comics

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Comics.  I've still be in the mood for comics, and it's been a very nice mood.  The last two days or so I didn't get a ton of comic reading done, but before that I was going pretty steady.  Again, I'm sorry about the lack of pictures in this post, I'm still having trouble for some reason.

Titans Hunt Issue #1
I'm a fan of teen titans so it was no surprise that I picked this up.  It is a bit confusing, since it throws the reader in completely blind, but looks like it could be a really good series.

Batman and Robin Eternal Issues #3-5
I've talked this one up before.  It's still such a really great series, though I hope it progresses a little quicker in the coming weeks.

All-New X-Men Issues #4-8
Still in love with this series (read: still in love with Angel, my poor darling baby, Jean you're so mean to him, he's precious).  It's starting to heat up and is a bunch of fun.

Spider-Man 2099 Issue #1
Wasn't too sure going into this.  It was interesting, for sure, but the part that really got me was the way it ended in a cliff-hanger.  I'll give this one a few more issues just to get more of a feel of the general story.

The Uncanny Avengers Issue #1
Was really interested in this one.  Not 100% if I'll continue since overall I'm not a fan of who makes up the team.  I love Quicksilver, but that's about it.  Also, really dislike the art, which is such a shame.

Secret Wars Issue #1
I know this whole event ended a bit ago, but it's only now that I'm finally getting to it.  And, well, it's rather depressing, to be honest.  Though I do really like that it jumped right into the action and I'm curious to see exactly how all this shit goes down.

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