Saturday, November 21, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up & Book Haul

Hey guys, sorry for the break, but I really needed it.  Honestly, I could have gone for a longer break, but it's better that I don't so that I don't lose track of blogging (it took me so long to get into the habit after the last time).  Finals are over, I won't know how I did for another week or so, and I'm at home, surrounded by most of my books.  And, yesterday, it snowed for the first time!  I love the winter time, since it's always perfect reading weather.

Finished this Week
I know I hadn't finished anything last week, and I didn't finish anything this week either.  Honestly, it's stressing me out a bit, so I really hope I get back up on that horse and start finishing things again soon.

Currently Reading
Way of Shadows, which shouldn't take me that much longer.  It's a quick, and fantastic read.  As soon as I finish it I'll be starting Dead Man's Drive, a book I received for review.

Currently Listening To
Adele, obviously.

Currently Watching
I just finished Jessica Jones, and I'm very torn up about this one.  I enjoyed it, but not as much as Daredevil, and I thought there were some major problems with it.  But, a review will be coming.

Last Week

This Week
Sunday-- Sunday TV
Monday-- Review of the Martian, Review of Adele's 25
Tuesday-- Review of The Long Halloween, Giveaway
Wednesday-- Waiting on Wednesday, Review of The Devil Is a Part-Timer
Thursday-- No Blogging because it's thanksgiving!  Happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates!
Friday-- Review of The Flux, Friday 56
Saturday-- Wrap Up & Haul


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