Sunday, February 28, 2016

TV Wrap Up

I used to do the Sunday TV, but now, since it's once a month instead, I'm just retitling it TV Wrap Up.  It's the same type of post, though.

Shadowhunters Season One, Episodes 3-7
I'm actually rather enjoying this show.  It's not great (the special effects really kill me and the choreography for fight scenes is very much lacking) but it's not as bad as the movie, in my opinion.  The cast is growing on me and I think they've done a good job adapting the material.  It manages to stay true to the overall arc of the story and the mythology of the series while still having twists and pulling in from every corner of the universe to keep long time fans on their toes.  And, that Clace kiss in episode seven, was worth waiting for.  Plus all the adorable Malec stuff.  I definitely recommend this one to fans.

The Magicians Season One, Episodes 1-4
I read the first book in this series a while ago and just wasn't wowed by it.  It was depressing and I walked away from it feeling pretty bad about myself, actually, which rarely happens with books.  Now, after watching the first four episodes of this show, though, I'm considering going back and reading the whole trilogy.  This show is so captivating!  It has me eager to watch it every chance I get and I love what they've done with the characters.  They're all so morally ambiguous and beautiful, exactly what I want from characters and actors.  My favorite episode, by far, is the fourth.  In fact, it may be one of my favorite episodes of television ever.  Each episode, while a normal length, plays like a movie and I'm always reaching for another once I've finished one.  If you aren't watching this, why not?

Silicon Valley Season One, Episodes 1 and 2
I started watching this on a whim since I've heard some good things.  It's pretty good.  I don't think I'll be able to catch up and keep up for some time (maybe over summer break in a few months) but I did enjoy what I saw.  It's mostly very dry and sarcastic humor, running closer to British humor than American.  It certainly has a niche, but I recommend at least giving it a shot.  The story is rather captivating, too, and is actually something that I could imagine to happen in real life.  You'll know by the end of episode two whether this is a fit for you.

Arrow Season Four, Episode 10
I'm so far behind on this... it was a good episode, and I'm rather pleased with where it's heading.  Little else to say about it, honestly.

Legends of Tomorrow Season One, Episode 1
I like the show so far.  It's a bit too similar to a bunch of other shows I watch (*cough cough* Doctor Who) but, if it continues on the path it's on, I think I'll continue to enjoy it.  Also, what a sad ending!


  1. I haven't gotten myself up to date on Shadowhunters yet but I'll have to - I agree it's definitely better than the movie and the actors are growing on me a little more. I also want to continue with The Magicians after only watching the pilot. I read the first book, but like you was too depressed and angry to keep going - mostly with Quentin. I also want to start Legends of Tomorrow - primarily because Arthur Darvill is in it. You saying it reminds you of Doctor Who just makes me want to try it more!

    1. The Magicians continues to get better, and episode four is one of my favorite television episodes ever (which surprised me but I was absolutely enraptured by it). It also makes me want to go back and try reading the books again; maybe over the summer when I can check it out from my library. Legends of Tomorrow is pretty good- I like where they're going, but sometimes it feels underwhelming. The cast is a lot of fun, though. And, yeah, Arthur Darvil being in it is a huge bonus! I keep waiting for him directly mention the Doctor, hehe :)


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