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12 2017 Debuts To Be Excited For (Part 1)

We're only in the midst of April, but it's never too soon to get excited for new releases.  I recently found a list on Goodreads for the 2017 YA Debuts (link) and it got me super excited.  I picked twelve debuts that I'm very, very excited for, and I thought I'd let you know a little bit about them!

Bree Barton -- Black Rose

Mover. Shaker. Paragraph maker. Author of BLACK ROSE (KT/HarperCollins '17). Stories in The Iowa Review, Mid-American Review, PANK. Prefers pajamas to corsets.
Bree Barton's BLACK ROSE trilogy, pitched as Graceling meets Pride and Prejudice, about a girl who, on the eve of her marriage to a prince, discovers she has dark, forbidden magic, magic that her powerful family's sole purpose was to destroy.
Why You Should Be Excited
That description!  Graceling, if you haven't read it, is one awesome book and it's an even better series.  A lot of books end up getting compared to Graceling, but they always catch my attention because of it.  I'm not a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice, but I do like the aesthetic of it, so I think it'll make a nice mix for this story.  Add in handsome princes and I'm a sucker.  Doing a little more digging I discovered the main character, Mia Rose, is a feminist, which is an automatic buy for me.  Bree Barton, while being a debut author, has short stories published and has done work as a ghost writer.

Mary Taranta -- Until Our Blood Runs Clean

I write stories and also draw. YA fantasy UNTIL OUR BLOOD RUNS CLEAN coming Summer 2017 from McElderry Books/S&S. Represented by @adamsliterary
Set in a world where magic is poisoned and using it can be torturous – or dangerously addictive – Faris is tricked into a plot to overthrow a tyrannical king and must find her own power to survive.
Why You Should Be Excited
So, I have this thing for interesting names, and when I saw the name Faris I just fell in love instantly.  It drew me into the story, which sounds intriguing on its own.  The idea of dangerous and addictive magic isn't new, but I also haven't read it in ages (somewhere around five or six years) and I rather miss it.   On her blog she does original art for the series, and guys I am in love!  If I wasn't sure I was interested in the book before pursuing through her artwork, I'm sure now.

Lana Popovic -- Wicked Like Wildfire (previously titled: The Hibiscus Daughter)

Literary agent & proselyte of the Order of the Flagrant Nerd. Author of HIBISCUS DAUGHTER, Katherine Tegen Books/HC Summer 2017. Repped by @tayhaggerty
All the women in the Marević family are born with a gleam—a unique way of experiencing and manipulating beauty through magic. Seventeen-year-old Iris sees flowers as fractals and turns her kaleidoscope visions into glasswork, her twin sister Malina interprets moods as music, and their cold, distant mother bakes scenery into decadent treats at her confectionery in Old Town Cattaro. But when a mysterious, white-haired woman attacks their mother and leaves her hovering between life and death, the sisters must trace their way back to the ancient curse that haunts their line. To break the curse and save each other, the sisters must untangle a thousand years of lies and come to terms with their own secrets. Pitched as the sensory magic of The Night Circus meets the storytelling tradition of The Tiger's Wife.
Why You Should Be Excited
I still haven't read The Night Circus (because no particular reason) nor The Tiger's Wife, but I knew I was interested in this one from the very beginning.  I love how stories about the relationships between sisters have really started to become popular and, even though I don't have a sister myself, they're a lot of fun to read.

Vic James -- Gilded Cage

Human avatar of Pusheen. Author of GILDED CAGE (Jan 2017 @panmacmillan@penguinrandom) Take a look! …

In a modern Britain, everyone must endure ten years of slavery for a magically-skilled aristocracy. Here a teenage boy dreams of rebellion. His sister thirsts for knowledge, and will find love. And a dangerous young aristocrat will remake the world with his dark gifts.
Why You Should Be Excited
The description?  I think that's my answer for all of these, but it's also true for all of these!  It reminds me, slightly, of Red Queen or Bone Season, two of my favorite books!  I'm sure I'll fall in love with this one.  And, by the way, I'm dying to see the cover!

Breeana Shields -- Poison's Kiss

YA Author of POISON'S KISS (Random House, Spring 2017) Rep'd by @KatRushall.
Caroline Abbey at Random House has preempted Breeana Shields's debut YA fantasy novel, Poison's Kiss, set in an alternate world based on the mythology of India, in which a girl has been trained since birth as a “poison maiden” in the Raja's service. When she is ordered to kill a boy she has feelings for, she begins to question not only her role but the Raja's end game.
Why You Should Be Excited
"Based on the mythology of India" and need more be said?  I'm really into non-western fantasy and whenever another one hits the market I get excited.

Rhoda Belleza -- Empress of a Thousand Skies

Author of EMPRESS OF A THOUSAND SKIES (@RazorbillBooks 2017). Editor at the imprint Imprint (@ImprintReads).
Perfect for fans of RED RISING and Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, this epic sci-fi fantasy adventure follows two fugitives – a young princess-in-exile and her would-be assassin – across the far reaches of the galaxy as they fight to reclaim her dynasty and save the universe from a deadly threat.
Why You Should Be Excited
Red Rising meets Lunar Chronicles?  I'm a little cautious about such a perfect sounding description, but I'm optimistic about it, too, since I love both those series'.  Outside of that, the description on its own sounds really good and sort of reminds me of another series I read ages ago (though that series didn't take place in space). 

These are just six of the lovely authors who will be debuting in 2017!  I hope I've enticed you to take a peek at their books...  Part 2 will be out in two weeks, so keep an eye out for that.  Let me know in the comments whose book you're most excited for!

*pictures and bios taken from each respective twitter account
**book descriptions taken from Goodreads


  1. I'm adding Until Our Blood Runs Clean to my tbr right now. :)

    1. Oh good! I'm super excited for that one (as I am for all of them, hehe) :)


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