Monday, July 17, 2017

Book Review: The Wise Man's Fear

It's with a heavy heart that I cannot give this book five full stars. I'll cut to the chase and say why before I dive into all the things I loved (which will contain spoilers for book one, so read at your own risk). Basically, there were a few points where I felt the story dragged. It wasn't that there weren't things happening, and that those things didn't have relevance to the plot, it was that those things happened so slowly I found myself starting to drift off and lose focus. I'm guessing on a reread these will be easier to swallow, as these sorts of parts tend to be, but first time through it really took a toll on me as a reader.

Okay, now onto the good stuff: basically all the rest. This book, like the first, is far different than any other fantasy I've ever read. I put it down to the humbleness of the writing (it doesn't try to be something it's not) and also the cleverness of the story telling. While I was reading I began picking up on a lot of small details and freaking out over the things that are starting to connect the greater story of the Chandrian, the Amyr, and the other stories (like the moon) that are so important to this book. Even after reading hours of fan theories I still think there's a lot left in the book to discover.

Book one spends a lot of the story at the University, and while I enjoyed it and the characters that populated it, I was thrilled to see Kvothe leave the (somewhat) safety that the University offered and explore more the world. His adventures were a bunch of fun (though, again, they did drag) and I really liked that they offered the opportunity to meet more female characters. It's not that they're lacking (hell, I love Denna, Devi, Auri, Fela) it was just that I wanted more of them. And Rothfuss does not disappoint. I don't want to give them all away, but they're a pleasure to meet and spend time with on the page. Of all of his adventures, I adore Kvothe's time with Felurian. Sometimes in a good book there are therapeutic moments where things seem at peace and when I'm not feeling at peace I go back and read those parts (for example, in American Gods when Shadow stays in Lakeside) and this is definitely one of those sequences. Also, I just really loved Felurian.

This is such a short review because there's too much to say and not enough words to use. It's an amazing book, go read it (after you finish book one, of course). Thank me later.


  1. i feel bad to say I don't know this series! But now, I am off to check it out -- you've given me just enough to be very curious about it!


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