Saturday, July 8, 2017

July Wrap Up #1

Good evening! This wrap up is coming a week earlier than I expected it to, but I thought it was time to catch you all up to speed sooner than later. Something I've been considering on and off for a while is switching my blog to wordpress and recently I've made the decision more or less official. There are a bunch of reasons I want to switch to wordpress, and I'm not going into them now, but in the new year that's likely what's going to happen. I'm not completely giving up on Blogger, I'll keep looking around and seeing if there are things I didn't realize I could do with it and maybe that will change my mind, but as of right now I'm going to proceed with the plan to switch. The biggest difference that will be noticeable is that I'm going to be implementing some ads here. Ugh, I know. I hate advertisements, but I like the idea of this blog paying for, at least in part, something going into the new version of it. I'm going to try and keep the ads at a minimum but they will be there and it would be a huge favor if, if the chance arises, you click the ads for things that interest you. If any big decisions are made I'll keep you guys up to date on them. On to the wrap up!

Truthwitch (review coming Friday)
The Wise Man's Fear (review coming later this month)

Currently Reading
I'm in the midst of Magic Study but I should be done by the end of the night. After that I'll be picking up Assassin's Blade as my reread of the Throne of Glass series is about to begin again.



Can't Wait Wednesday

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The Wise Man's Fear Review
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Do you prefer Blogger of Wordpress? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm sad to see your blog leave blogger. I'll be completely honest. I 100% read blogger blogs exclusively, because I like seeing everything through GFC. I subscribe to others through bloglovin', but I really dislike using it. And I'm not a fan of getting an individual email from blogs. :(

    1. When I do move it won't be until the new year and maybe I'll be able to convince you to visit the blog every once in a while :) I hate Bloglovin' too, it's so inconvenient. Haha yeah I ignore individual emails from blogs, too, and they clutter my inbox. Maybe I'll find a way to set it up so subscribers only get a burst with a bunch of posts in one or something, or even just an email at the end of each week with links. *shrugs*

  2. I am looking forward to Unearthed too. I love Spooner and Kaufman together.

  3. Looking forward to your upcoming posts! :)


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