Saturday, September 2, 2017

September Wrap Up #1

I know it's a bit early in the month to really have a proper wrap up, but I haven't done one since early August so I think there's a fair bit to cover today. In my personal life, I'm finally done with work (for the summer) and I feel Free! It's great to not have to worry about setting an alarm, or planning my meals around my shifts, though this does mean I go into Mega Budget Mode (which isn't too bad but it's not always comfortable). Yeah this also means less books to buy, BUT I do have several preorders that will be sustaining my buying need I'm sure.

And by the way, happy September! I know it's not technically fall yet, but this is the month where I officially start treating it like it is- fall colors, clothing, candles, playlists, tea. All the great things I love about this season! I've currently got the Wood Wick Fireside candle burning from Yankee Candles and people it is my new favorite candle. It's heavenly! The leaves are also starting to change out here and the weather has in general been cool enough to wear sweaters.

Okay, enough about me, let's get onto the wrap up:

and a reread of Crown of Midnight

Currently Reading
Right now I'm in the middle of 13 Minutes, a book I was only passing excited for but can barely put down. This is an ARC for a book out in early October so the review won't be out until the end of the month but believe me I'll be hyping this one before that. Once I finish 13 Minutes I'm going to read The Inheritance Trilogy by NK Jemisin. I know this is three separate books but I bought the bind up so I'm thinking I may read them back to back.


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Can't Wait Wednesday: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I know it seems like posting looks a bit light these coming weeks... and it is. Partly because I just finished a reread (I'm not going to review it) and I'm currently reading an ARC (so the review will be schedule closer to its release) so there aren't any reviews to post and I don't want to pad down the blog with other things as much anymore. Also partly because I'll be going back to school in about a week which means my time is going to be getting shorter and I don't want to overload myself right off the bat.

I do want to point out that my Ready Player One review has a different look to it and this is the new reviewing format I'm going to be going with for now. I love how it looks! It feels more professional and it's more aesthetically the look I've been trying to go for lately. I hope you all like it as well.

Normally I end a wrap up here, but I was watching Youtube and someone did a video talking about the top five books they hope to get to this season. I thought I'd borrow that idea and share the next five books I hope to get to (not necessarily my top five). Because I've been trying hard not to restrict myself with a hard and fast reading schedule these very well may change.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful week(s) and enjoy the weather (if you can). 


  1. I hope you enjoy your time off work and get lots of reading done! Happy September!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Thank you! Happy September to you as well, friend!

  2. I wish I could say I was done with work too, but at least I have Monday off. Cheers to three-day weekends! I am curious to see your new review format. I am trying a version of mini-reviews this week, because I read a lot of books, and want to showcase more of them. 13 Minutes looked interesting. I have too many Sept/Oct ARCs, so I didn't request it, but I am eager to see what you think when you are done. Good luck at school!

    1. Three day weekends for the win! I'll definitely check out your new mini-reviews. My review for 13 Minutes will be up at the end of the month but, spoiler alert, it was AMAZING. Thank you very much :)

  3. I wish I didn't have to set my alarm for early in the morning... Happy fall!

    1. I'm glad to be having the break, but as soon as school starts that won't be the case anymore lol. Thank you! Happy fall to you as well, friend!


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