I do a lot of writing and want to be a published author some day.  Since it's such a big part of my life (and hopefully my future) I thought I should find a place on this blog for it.

My WIPs (Works in Progress)

Wheel and Cog Chronicles
Status: Current Project
This is the story of my heart. It's been with me since high school and while I've dabbled with trying it before this time I actually feel ready to write it. It's a steampunk fantasy set during the Chicago's World Fair and follows a pilot, a mechanic, an inventor, a rebel, a lawyer, a maid, a ghost, and a villain.

AI Short Story
Status: Spare Project
A workforce robot receives consciousness due to a glitch and finds herself enjoying her first day in the city as an AI.

Posts About Writing

April 2016

May 2016
Writing Corner: When the Story Fixes Itself

July 2016
Writing Corner: Shelving Sand and Storm (For Now)
Writing Corner: Returning to Wheel and Cog
Writing Corner: Every Chapter a New Beast
TQR is getting a BIG change
Slowing Down
sometimes i hate my writing

August 2016
Hello, Unexpected Sequel
Why is writing so hard?
An idea and where I'm at
Septology Project
Good books make me want to make good books
The Hazards of Prewriting
Do you remember Lamp & Mirror?

September 2016
September Writing Goals
hmmmm.... slacking
I Finished My First Novel
New Goals

October 2016
October Writing Goals
I noticed something cool while I was editing.

November 2016
November Writing Goals
A Change of Scenery?

December 2016
December Writing Goals & State of Samantha
POV Edits are Done!!!

February 2017
I'm Writing Again, Kinda + New Plans

April 2017
I'm Stagnating

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