Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up and Book Haul

Right now there are 70 mph winds and a tornado watch for my area, which is pretty scary.  Honestly, the whole country seems to be suffering from strange weather this summer.  Another storm is brewing- coming from those who have been reading Go Set a Watchman.  I've never read To Kill a Mockingbird but it's my mother's favorite.  I don't know if she plans to read the new book.  I think I will, just to see what makes TKAM a classic and GSAW so hated.
In other news, I'm blogging to you from a new computer!  Pretty exciting.  It's been a long time coming, my old one was at the end of its life.  To have everything working again has been a breath of fresh air.

I did quite a bit of reading last week, and I'm very happy with what I got accomplished.  I finished Mark of Athena, The Shadowhunters Codex, and ODY-C (which was a galley, so bonus points!).  This week I'll be reading House of Hades and if I finish that I'll get right to Blood of Olympus.  I think I can finish them both this week.  Finger's crossed.  I also want to read The Promise: Part One which is a super short A:TLA graphic novel.  When that's done I'll be reading Batgirl volume 1.

In my TV watching, I've almost finished catching up on Gotham (one episode left) but have no plans further than finishing it.  I do know that I will be going to see Ant-Man with some friends tomorrow (I am so excited!) and plan to write a review.  Here's the rest of the plan for the week:

Sunday- Sunday Comics
Monday- Review of ACOTAR
Tuesday- Top Ten Tuesday and a Review of Ant-Man
Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday- DNF Review of The Storyspinner and a Review of Soul Eater Volume 1
Friday- Review of The Lost Hero and the Friday 56
Saturday- Wrap Up and Book Haul

Quite a few reviews this week, so I hope you stop by to check at least one of them out.

This was another week full of books to haul.  I got more than I probably should have but since there have been a couple sales online and I recently got Amazon Prime I couldn't stop myself.  I also signed up for Marvel Unlimited, which has so far been an awesome experience.  More about that in tomorrow's Sunday Comics, though.

I only got one comic this week, which is another issue of the Batgirl series I've been reading.
I also picked up two ebooks.  One is a collection of poems by Sara Teasdale.  The other is a book I got as an ARC from Netgalley originally, but I loved it so much I had to get a finished copy of it for my Kindle.  That book is The Vanishing Girl and I strongly recommend it if you're into New Adult stuff.
I also picked up a couple graphic novels since Barnes and Noble was having a buy two get third free sale.  I couldn't resist and actually had to forcefully stop myself from getting more than these three.  It was a hard battle, but my wallet really is hurting and I haven't read many of the books on my shelf.
And the last book I picked up just because the cover looked awesome.  I didn't even read the back cover description or look at any reviews.  When it did arrive I finally read the back and it sounds absolutely adorable and right up my alley.  Suffice it to say, I'll be getting to this one soon.

So that's it for me.  What did you pick up this week?  And I hope that the weather, wherever you are, is much better than the weather here.  :) 

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