Thursday, July 16, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: X-Wing Rogue Squadron (Vol. 1) (Star Wars Legends)

Edition| Kindle eBook  Rating| 3.5 Stars
Authors| Haden Blackman, Michael A Stackpole, Darko Macan, and Mike Baron

Wow this was really confusing.  X-Wing Squadron is certainly not the place to start with Star Wars comics.  Neither the art nor the writing lend themselves towards acclimating the reader, sadly.
There are three major story arcs in this volume.  The first two are really better off skipped.  The only purpose they serve is to introduce characters, but wikipedia does that, too.  The last story line was pretty interesting and kept me engaged every time I picked it up and I wish the rest had managed that as well.

A major flaw in this series is the sheer amount of characters.  There are some many are familiar with, or might at least recognize.  But the majority of the cast is built upon characters that newcomers won't recognize.  Winter was particularly confusing if you (like me) aren't familiar with the expanded universe.  I actually did a bunch of research when I was done with the second story arc which is the only reason I understand who she is.  The comic did nothing to help readers along.  Even though it was a big cast, I did like the majority of the characters.  Wedge Antilles will always be a favorite, but Tyco Celchu made a way into my heart.  I think I can easily say he was my favorite part about all the stories.

Now, the art.  It wasn't bad, per say, but it also wasn't my favorite.  When I read or watch something with a lot of visual elements, if I don't like the art I often don't like the program or book.  I wish I could differentiate, but I can't seem to separate from a bad first impression.  I did grow used to the art after some time, but I think that if I had enjoyed it more the whole thing would have gotten more stars.

If you're interested in this one, I really recommend picking it up from your library.  And read the back first, where they run some basic outlines of characters.  It'll help you become acquainted with the whole thing and enjoy it more thoroughly.  Here's a link to add it on goodreads.

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