Friday, June 24, 2016

5 Star Reread Review: A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)

Author: George RR Martin
Edition: Leather-bound 
Rating: 5 Stars
This is technically a reread for me, but it's been two years and I want to seriously finish this series this time.  For the record, I don't watch the show (I mean, I'm trying to catch up but I've seen like three episodes) but I keep pretty up to date by reading detailed summaries and I've read the wikipedia pages for most of the characters in the books, so nothing really catches me off guard when I read these.  Somehow, I still found it extremely enjoyable!

For those who don't know (are you living under a rock?) this series is a sweeping epic fantasy about the events of the land of Westeros.  When A Game of Thrones starts, the Hand of the King has died under strange circumstances, and Eddard Stark, Warden of the North, the king's best friend, has been chosen as the new hand.  Politics swirl around the Stark family while on another continent the only heir's to the previous king (a completely different family than the current ruler) begin to amass an army in order to reclaim their throne.

The first thing I realized upon beginning my reread was how much of a mastery Martin has with words.  He is, for lack of a better term, a Wordsmith and it's beautiful to read what he has written.  Besides loving the story, I had such a good time enjoying the very words and the grammar on each page.  Not unlike poetry, he puts the right words in the right order.

Beyond that, though, are the characters.  My favorite ASOIAF character has and always will be Sansa Stark and I will defend her until my dying day.  Say what you will, she survives in a setting the rest of her family would wither in.  And I think viewers of the show are finally starting to see how badass she really is.  Beyond her, I really love all the character's, though.  Or, if I don't love them, I love to hate them.  There are two exceptions to this rule, and it might surprise people.  Those exceptions are Eddard and Catelyn Stark.  Catelyn waxes and wanes for me- sometimes I really, really like her, but more often than not I can't stand her.  Both of them frustrate me for different reasons.  But in the end?  That frustration is such a powerful emotion I can't help but applaud Martin for creating such deep and intriguing characters such as these that bring out all these emotions.

The story, of course, is phenomenal and sweeping.  How does someone plan ahead and create this sort of thing?  It's unfathomable how rich this world and plot are.  I can't wait to dig into the next one (spoiler alert- I already have) and the next one and the next one.  I hope to finish the series before Winds of Winter (something that seems very, very likely).  Have you read the books?  Do you watch the show?  Who's your favorite character?


  1. Ohhh you have pretty editions!

    My friends spoiled the end of adwd for me. I threw the book and didn't read on for over a year (I literally just finished). Glad the epilogue still had me surprised. I'm behind on the show. Only a few episodes into season 5. Not so sure how I feel about all the crazy changes (I don't like it).

    Okay, don't think I'm crazy. I absolutely hate Danaerys. Especially in the books. I still say A Feast for Crows was my fav of the books so far. Great review :)

    1. Hehe yeah I splurged and got these at the end of my last book buying ban ;)

      I don't watch the show actively but keep up through episode recaps and family and friends telling me what's going on. I'm a little so-so with the changes. I definitely like the books better, just from the little I've read so far, because of how rich and grand the world is.

      Haha, I don't think you're crazy. I have another friend who can't stand her. I know sort of where her character goes, so while I like her in this book, I don't know if I'll continue to like her. Feast for Crows was your favorite? Hmm that makes me excited to get to it! Normally I see poorer reviews for that one.

  2. Excellent review! I've only read the first two books and watched the first two seasons so far! I need to get back into it both books and show. Sansa really irritated me in the first book, but by the second I realized she was starting to grow on me. Personal favorites include Arya, John Snow, Tyrion, and Brienne.

    1. I adore Arya, Jon, and Tyrion! I like the show's depiction of Brienne a little more (or at least the internet's depiction of the show's depiction of Brienne) than her book version, but perhaps that's because I haven't gotten further in the series yet? (I reply to this while in the middle of book two, if that clears up a little confusion). I totally see why Sansa is dislikable (my father ABHORS her) but I think I sorta relate to her, which is why I like her.


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