Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Update and Release Day!

Masters of Blood and Bone Release Day!
If you haven't heard of this gem, check out it's goodreads page here or check out my review here.  Hint: I gave it five stars.  Really it's perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman (especially if you loved American Gods) or grimdark fantasy.  I think quite a few people will find it enjoyable.  And then, when you're done reading it, come back and we can talk about it because I have so much more to say!

So for the rest of the week you may not see me super active.  I've got a WoW planned for tomorrow and a FIF planned for, surprise, Friday.  You should see a review of The Mime Order up around Thursday or Friday, too.  I've also started watching Attack on Titan, so if I finish anytime soon you can expect a review of that.  Gosh, it's so intense.  Hope all of you dealing with this winter weather are okay- I know my state has been hit pretty hard.  Stay warm, guys.

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